The 5 Best Reclining Loveseats of 2020

Updated August 28th, 2020
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When we gather with friends, family, or pets, we tend to do so in the comfort of our living rooms. This is the centerpiece of the home, the place where everyone can kick back and recharge. Making a comfortable living room space often means having furniture that is equal parts comfortable and functional.

A reclining loveseat offers the seating space you need with all of the comforts you’d expect from your home. Of course, not every reclining loveseat is worthy of a place in your abode. Some offer elements that may suit your needs, while others don’t check the boxes. Below, we’ve rounded up the best reclining loveseats available today. From tech-savvy choices to stylish classics, these loveseats are worthy of a  glance if you’re in the market for a reclining loveseat.

The 5 Best Reclining Loveseats for 2020

Andover Mills Drennan Reclining Loveseat – Best All-Around Option

A loveseat should always be equal parts stylish and comfortable. After all, they often prove the centerpiece of a family’s living room. Unfortunately, too many reclining options forget about the elegant part altogether. That’s why the Andover Mills Drennan Reclining Loveseat proves our choice for the best all-around option. Not only is the couch aesthetically pleasing, but the chenille upholstery and solid hue make this recliner versatile for families, singletons, or even pet parents.

Unlike leather couches that can quickly become damaged over time (hello, cat owners), chenille can easily be spot cleaned and wiped down.

In terms of comfort, the Andover Mills Drennan does precisely what you want it to do. It offers a smooth recline that never feels forced or difficult. Crafted from the highest quality manufactured wood, this is a couch that takes on a traditional silhouette without compromising on modern ingenuity. The soft and comfortable cushions with sinuous springs are filled with a responsive foam that contours to the body with ease.

With padded seat and arms for extra comfort, this is a reclining loveseat that checks all of the boxes without boasting a hefty price-tag.

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Mstar Dylan Dual Power Reclining Loveseat – Best Tech-Savvy Option

In our modern world, we’re connected to one another 24/7 via our smartphones and devices. That’s why one of the first features many take note of when looking at the Mstar Dylan Dual Power Reclining Loveseat is the inclusion of two distinct USB charging ports and two AC outlets that are built right into the couch’s handy storage console. This is a couch that truly marries the best in form and function. You get the convenience of two charging ports, two AC outlets, and a power recline feature without sacrificing style.

In terms of recline, we found that the tech-savvy power recline feature allows you to automatically adjust each seat on the sofa to find the optimal position for your comfort needs. With a lay-flat dual power option, you can also fully extend the recliner to a bed-like position and really stretch out for a quick cat nap. The addition of a built-in storage console also grants a bit of extra space for you to keep your remotes or other digital devices nearby.

Aesthetically speaking, the Dylan is a classically styled sofa that would fit right in with any home decor. Covered in durable grey polyester fabric this is an easy clean reclining love seat that is perfect for families or pet owners. When it comes to comfort, each seat on the sofa boasts high-density form-fitting memory foam and plush fiber-filled backs to create a seating experience that keeps on giving while preventing sag.  If you’re looking for a tech-savvy option while searching for best reclining loveseats, this could be a top choice.

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Darby Home Co Tuthill Reclining Loveseat – Best Leather Look Option

Few things can bring a classic and rich look into a living room quite like a leather loveseat. Not only does leather and faux leather tend to get better over time, but it softens, creating that plush lived-in feel couch lovers adore. For the best reclining loveseat option in leather, we explored the Darby Home Co Tuthill Double Gliding Reclining Loveseat and found it to be the best leather option available today. Crafted from genuine bonded leather, this is a couch that offers up a showcasing gliding design. Deep and rich in hue, it accents nearly any decor style.

Aside from featuring independent glide, the couch also comes equipped with two built-in cupholders. It also boasts a handy storage compartment for keeping essentials like remotes, streaming sticks, or even books. The bonded leather material is easy to care for with upholstery cleaner and does not require much in the way of upkeep. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, it can easily accommodate several people at once without tension.

In both looks and comfort, this is a budget-friendly option to a real leather couch, yet the faux bonded leather looks realistic enough that no one would bat an eye or think otherwise.

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AC Pacific Reclining Loveseat – Best Budget Option

Sometimes you want all of the convenience and comfort of a reclining loveseat without the high price-tag. This is where the AC Pacific Living Room Upholstered Reclining loveseat makes its mark.

At first glance, you’d never guess on appearances alone that the loveseat comes in at under $600 in price. With a sleek gray upholstered polyester fabric, this is a couch that offers up a modern, stylish aesthetic that should suit any decor. Though it may be affordable, it is far from cheap.

With a durable solid wood frame, this reclining loveseat was carefully constructed with reinforced corner blocks and a steel rail system. There is also a supportive sinuous springs system that rests above the foam encased seating unit that allows the high-density foam to resist sag and bolster comfort. That foam sits right on top of a nice supportive layer of pocketed coils wrapped in high-quality Dacron fibers. This couch surprised us for the price. It has all of the elements of a high-priced recliner without breaking the bank.

In terms of recline, we found that this manual reclining loveseat has a very comfortable position that removes pressure from the lower back and legs while still offering optimum relaxation. With plush seating and pillow-padded arms, you can’t go wrong for the price. Did we even mention the triple lumbar back cushion? In other words, this is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t cut corners.

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Wayfair Reclining Loveseat – Best Classic Design

Most of us want a loveseat that offers all of the comforts of a top of the range recliner without looking like a vintage La-Z-Boy from the ’80s. Classic options are timeless, meaning your home will never look dated, nor will you have to worry about changing your decor. For a classic design that goes with everything, look to the Wayfair Custom Upholstery Reclining loveseat. This is one of the best reclining loveseats on the market today, especially if you want a design that will indeed go with everything.

Yes, the price tag is a bit steep, but you’re getting a custom upholstered reclining loveseat in the fabric and color of your choice. You can choose from a range of fabric finishes, types, colors, and textures, allowing you to play a role in the design honestly. What’s more, this is a power reclining chair. That means you’ll have the ability to customize your recline without the hassle of a manual handle. Another thing we appreciated is that the cushions are removable (back and seat), making them easy to clean and flip. This will get you more mileage out of your couch over time.

With sinuous spring supports, enjoy optimum comfort. A wall-hugging design will save on space as a built-in USB port will allow you to charge your devices as you relax and recharge yourself. This isn’t a budget-friendly option, but it is a fantastic choice if you’re willing to spend the extra money to customize your couch to your exact tastes.

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How To Choose the Best Reclining Loveseat

Choosing the best reclining loveseat comes down to more than just looks and aesthetics. It would help if you had a loveseat that suits your lifestyle, budget, and overall needs. When shopping for a reclining love seta, there are a few key factors to keep in mind before you reach the checkout page and hit “buy.” Let’s outline the most important factors below.

Overall Comfort

This is a no-brainer; you want your reclining loveseat to be a comfortable place where you want to sit. This often comes down to the type of cushions being used on the loveseat itself. Strive to choose a model that offers expertly crafted seat and back cushions, preferably with extra springs for support. Foam is always a good option and wears well, but you may also run into luxury brands boasting other types of fill.

Recline Options

Are you someone who wants several recline options? Perhaps the idea of a power headrest or power recline option sounds appealing. Most reclining loveseats come in either manual recline or power recline options. Choose which option would best suit your recline needs, especially if you have health issues that could play a factor in what you want from a loveseat.

Fabric and Upholstery

Believe it or not, the overall fabric and upholstery used on your loveseat can make a big difference in how long your loveseat will last. Leather and faux leather are easy to clean, but they tend to be pricey and don’t work well with certain pets. Fabric upholstery offers a nice-plush feel, but you will need a spot cleaner to keep up with any stains. Choose the fabric that makes the most sense for your life and make sure it can stand up to your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best reclining loveseats often comes down to knowing what would make the perfect loveseat for your home. Is it comfort you seek? Perhaps, you’re all about style. We’re sure you’ll find something that will bring you comfort and happiness for years to come.

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