Enhance Your Interiors with Designer Side and End Tables

Updated June 24th, 2021

You can design your room cohesively by combining different pieces of furniture through the time period, color or pattern, and the aesthetics that describe them well.

Earlier, most of the people bought furniture sets that were matching each other. Buying them was very easy but difficult while designing. Most of these sets that were only matching each other made the room ordinary and uninspired. Nowadays, people are eyeing various designs available. They want to invest in pieces that complement one another instead of only matching.

It takes a lot of effort and time to spot different pieces that combine to give a perfect view of your room. Usually, it becomes difficult for some people while searching for small furniture like the side table that complements other furniture sets.

Side tables are lighter and hence can be moved around easily. They are fixed either at the side of the bed or the sofa. You can use these tables for keeping flower pots or even the light lamp that gives the side table a classic look. Click here to find out more about Oak Lamp Tables and explore an exquisite range of corner tables.

Tips for Choosing a Side Table

1. Right Shape

When you are deciding about choosing the shape, it is always good to know about their placement. For example, choose a square-shaped side table for a specific corner. There are variations inside a table that you can use in your room. A rectangular or square table goes well if there is an oval coffee table with you. Similarly, you can have a round or concave-shaped side table to go with a square-shaped coffee table to give a good contrast. Give a try for different materials for all the identical side tables for your room.

2. Complimenting Material

A perfect combination is what everyone looks at, like a marble coffee or a brass table gives a distinguished look in a room with painted or wooden side tables. A pleasing rosewood coffee stand provides a unique look when placed on brass side tables. Materials used can be different till the time the style is complementing one another.

3. Variation in Styling

Many a time’s people are not confident in the mixture of styles. The combination gives an appealing sight to your room. An orthodox birch arm wooden couch looks fantastic when combined with an antique lamp table and vice versa. Match your modern side chair with a commonly used side table. There is no requirement of the side table matching one another. It is good if the style and sizes compliment one and all. You can place different side tables on each side of your bed or couch.

4. Optimal Size

The depth and height of the side table must be equal to the depth and height of the couch’s arm. A similar calculation goes in for the side chairs also. It will give a better look and also becomes easy to extend yourself to get the items placed on the side table.

The size of the mattress should be kept in mind when placing a side table beside the bed. A bit lower height side table is always a good option as compared to a higher one. These side tables should have ample space to place an alarm clock, a book, or a table lamp. A table lamp enhances the interior look when placed on these side tables near the couch or the bed.

5. Storage Requirement

Customize your side table as per your needs. If you need more space to keep tablets, magazines, remotes, books, or games, then drawers and open shelves are a must. You should always keep either an independent side table or the sharing one for every seat. Placing side tables at either end of a sofa gives a fantastic look to your interiors.

Blend Your Sitting Space with Side Tables

Analyzing the above tips, it is clear that there are no set rules when you opt for the side table. It is crucial to choose the ideal size that accommodates your space. Once you have selected the table, it gives you endless options for placing the side table.

Always keep in mind that the pieces in your room should give a sense of connection. If you have varieties in your material, always opt for an identical style of side tables. But if the shapes vary, then similar materials are the best option. There is the balance required in interior decoration. Always believe in your choices for decorating the interiors.

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