Best Recliners for Small Spaces

Updated January 12th, 2022
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small-space-sofaIf you live in a big city like Seattle (WA or Los Angeles, CA) and own a luxurious apartment downtown, regardless of how luxurious it might be, space is always something you are concerned about when buying new stuff for your apartment. Finding the best recliners for small spaces can often be very difficult. And, of course, in today’s consumer-oriented market, there is not a thing you cannot find to suit your needs. Say hello to the world of comfort with our today’s review of recliners for small spaces.

TOP-3 Best Compact Recliners

We have come up and reviewed the top-3 best recliners for small spaces for you to take a look at. These are the best models on the Amazon market right now. Although we do not endorse purchase of these exact recliners, however we definitely recommend you to take a look at them as they are stand out performers.

Best Selling Davis Recliner Club Chair

recliners-for-small-spaces_01Take a look at this state of the art recliner chair. Made of fabric and wood, this chair has all the reclining capabilities you might need in a recliner.

Also, it helps you save space with a retractable footrest that you may elect to extend to maximize comfort. When not in use, simply retract it back into the chair. Too easy. Comes in grey color and will perfectly match any design of any house. It weighs only 65 pounds and the maximum length of any side of it is merely 35 inches, which means you can put it just anywhere in your house or apartment.

TMS Addin Recliner

recliners-for-small-spaces_02Outstanding recliner in chocolate finish will fit into any small space in your place you call home. For only two hundred dollars this recliner will become your best friend when it comes to watching movies, reading or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair.

Talking about the weight, this recliner weighs even less than the one we described before – only 56 pounds, as well as assembled length is only 33.5 inches. This chair is perfect for small rooms while maintaining the high level of comfort.

ACME 00632 Arcadia Recliner

recliners-for-small-spaces_03If you are looking for more comfort and more padded and overstuffed solution, then this recliner is probably your best choice. With maximum length of only 38 inches, it weighs around 70 pounds, however it provides way more comfort for those who love and value soft things.

This recliner features hardwood frames as well as stain-resistant upholstery and retractable footrest. Finished in chocolate brown color, it represents the most traditional design that can be out there and thus will match any interior you want.

Do They Really Exist?

Sure they do! Basically, what is a recliner? A recliner is just an enhanced armchair which, apart from regular comfortable seat padding, has some extra features to offer. For about the same price, by the way. So yes, if you are really worried about how much space your new recliner would take, we can assure you that you will not need to make up more room than you would have for a just a regular padded chair.

A great example of this is the “wall-saver” recliners which are designed for those rooms that are pushing for that extra foot of space. The beauty of these recliners is that they only need minimal space to perform the reclining feature. Additionally, these types of recliners come with the ability to rock (called “rockers”) and are popular because they provide a swift and graceful swaying motion when the chair is not entirely reclined. The wall saver recliner normally offers multiple angles to recline which is an advantage over traditional recliners that are often limited to one or two angles.

How to Choose One?

Choosing a compact recliner is no different from choosing a regular reclining chair. Simply pay a little more attention to the dimensions of it and how much space you need to allow for all the reclining and footrest extending features to function properly. Other than that, please consider the following:

Obviously, the design

A lot of shoppers out there tend to be blown away with the hot air from what sellers claim about the chairs they stock. Regardless how many features you will get for the price you get, think to yourself: will any variation of this chair match my design at home? With lots of lighting and certain positioning, the chair you are looking at can look awesome in store, but you will hate it when you bring it home – because it does not go with your living room interior or wherever you put it. Consider the design wisely instead of jumping into buying the very first thing you like.

What will I get for my money?

Once again, do not just settle for the first recliner you see. Recliners can range from as cheap as $99 up to $2000+ depending on what you want from your purchase. Shop around, read the google reviews about the chair you like and see how much more you can get for the money you plan to spend. You can save money on such things as the material used on the chair to the mechanisms used to recline the chair. Also, a big difference in  cost is between an electric or manual recliner chair. Electric recliners and sofas are motorized to move at a push of a button with the controls either built into the arm rest of via a remote stored on the chair. The manual recliner is moved via pull levers on the side of the chair. When going electric, it’s important to look at warranties available with the purchase as the chances of malfunction do increase.

Material The Chair is Made of

Be sure to know exactly what your chair is made of as well as what the surface feels like to touch. The cheaper chairs tend to use a different fabric like microfiber. This is a much thinner synthetic fabric that gives the touch, smell and look of real suede. Full-grain leather will make for a great setting in your house however it will need your attention and maintenance to ensure that it keeps that excellent look. On the other hand, materials like acrylic are a little cheaper, but will damage quickly and look worn within months to years after purchase. Here is a table summarizing different recliner upholstery:

Acrylic$- Feels like wool to touch
- Relatively easy upkeep
- Not very fireproof
- Shows wear and tear easily
Cotton $$- Absorbs liquids easily
- Easy to maintain
- Not very fireproof
- Shows creases
Polyester$$- Durable in different conditions
- Can resist most stains
- Look and feel does not look like leather
Wool$$- Great to touch
- Long lasting
- Don't leave in the sun
- Much upkeep to maintain new look
Leather$$$- Premium feel
- Fire proof
- Ongoing maintenance
- Can vary in quality

Thanks for reading our today’s tips on how to choose the from the wide array of recliners for small spaces. Feel free to use our help or the reviewed items to help you though your shopping experience. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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