Power Recliner Sofa – New Way of Comfort Living?

Updated March 18th, 2020

This is the question that a lot of people are asking themselves reading articles about home improvement. And the growing trend for sofas on American market speaks for itself. And, basically, provides a response to this rhetoric question.

power-reclinersThose who decide on purchasing one of these powered couches are simply trying to develop their homes, make them a better place to spend time and leisure in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, like the rest of us. They start shopping around for the perfect power recliner sofa out there and then they just stall. Because the choice is just so wide that they have trouble selecting just one sofa they like. And this is where our article comes in place.

Today we will open to your eyes the brand new world of home luxury and comfort and will show you all the benefits and perks of having a power recliner sofa at your house as well helpful tips on what to look at while selecting the right power recliner sofa for your home. Are you ready? Buckle up now for this short journey to the ultimate comfortland.

A Few Historical Facts

catnapper-power-recliner-sofaHistorically, the development of today’s power recliner sofa started back in the 19th century with the invention of a simple mechanical recliner. Well, not so much. The first reclining mechanism was invented in the late 1800s and it featured wooden frames with padded seats and back along with something looking like a book holder attached to it.

Traditionally, it is believed that the first design of such a chair comes from France and the very first recliner was allegedly owned by Napoleon III. However, according to some sources, the United States is not too far behind with a few designs coming from American inventors. Either way, the progress is something unstoppable, and from wooden frames with just padded seats and backs, and a cranky reclining mechanism we have progressed to having power operated, big and long sofas with overstuffed seats, backs, armrests and footrests equipped with computerized massaging systems, heating as well as many other features.

So What Is So Special about These Sofas?

Think about it. You come back from work, all exhausted and ready to relax, you use your last strength to feed your pet or do a little bit of cleaning, and then you make yourself a cup of coffee and… then you just dive in the comfort zone you create for yourself. You sit down or even lay down on a sofa that is power operated and enjoy all the features it has: be it a simple recline until you are in half-horizontal position under warm blankets ready for a movie, or be it the well-anticipated and much-needed massage that will help you relax your body, calm your heartrate down and eliminate stress after a crazy day. All that is at the reach of your fingers: press a button on a remote or a control panel and the sofa will do the work for you. Is it not better than a regular couch? The answer is pretty obvious to us!

Now, we understand that buying a power recliner sofa can be pricey and we do not want you to regret spending money on something you do not end up liking. For this reason, here are a few tips for you to utilize searching the web for that special power recliner sofa you would want to purchase.

Things to Look At: A thru Z

Generally, selecting the right reclining sofa for your house is a pretty straightforward process. However, powered and computerized solutions may require some extra attention in order to not screw yourself out of a great deal. Here are few things to consider:transitional-sectional-sofas

  1. What will I get for the money I pay? This is one of the most important questions to consider. Power recliner sofas can be pricey and usually cost a couple thousand dollars. No matter how rich you are, such amount of money always feels like quite some money spent. Therefore, it is important to estimate or even know for sure the value you are getting. Pay attention to quality of finishing, material, country of manufacture, design and also google other power recliner sofas on the market to compare prices.
  2. Settings and features. While one sofa might look really appealing to your eye, another one, which you are not even looking at, is way better with a wider variety of different settings, positions and other features power reclining sofas have. Be sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a reclining sofa and ‘test drive’ all features and add-ons a sofa can come with. It is always best to discover what you like before making a purchase in order to let that money go with peace on your mind.
  3. Surely, design and size. Design is probably not even worth mentioning since it is an obvious criteria. Of course, you will do everything you can in order to fit your new reclining sofa into your already preset interior design. Also, be sure to eyeball available space in your living room or wherever you are looking to place your new sofa at and apply your measurements in your search. Do not try to squeeze sofas that do not really fit. No matter how much you like them. It will not end up being a pleasant experience for you. Especially if you might be too large for the sofa itself.
  4. Material. If you are not a healthcare professional, then it is likely you may not realize the tremendous importance of the right material. Things to take into account here are whether you or your pet are allergic to certain materials and doing proper research before purchase can save a visit to your physician. That is not to mention the level of comfort you experience with that or another finishing. It is all up to you.

There is surely a lot more to consider and this short article is not covering everything in depth. However, our helpful tips should give you a general idea of what a good power recliner sofa actually is. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Cheers.

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