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Updated May 17th, 2021
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netflix-and-cuddle‘Netflix and cuddle’ – perhaps one of the most used romantic expressions in the English language on the United States and Canada territory nowadays. If that sounds familiar to you, then you probably know the struggle of finding a nice and cozy couch or a bed to cuddle with your date or a loved one on a cold night. Well, the struggle may now be over, and we are glad you found this page: introducing the big man recliner – for you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, loved one, pet, child… whoever you like.

What Is The Most Popular Big Man Recliner On the Market?

So here we go. We have looked all over Amazon and picked up the best big man recliner range out there.

HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner Chair

715x886jf-L._SL1500_Featuring heating and vibrating add-ons that come with this recliner as a standard set, it tops our list of the best big man recliner range on Amazon. For the price offered plus a modest $30 shipping and handling fee, this chair will add some class and coziness to any living room.

But don’t let the look distract you; like many power recliners, it packs a punch too. It comes in conservative brown leather. Therefore there should not a problem integrating it into your interior design. This model also spins 360 degrees as well as includes 5 preset massaging settings. Probably your best pick for only three hundred something dollars.

Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner


A little bit more expensive chair, yet with free shipping within the continental United States (so the price stays about the same), is another great alternative for you to look at.

This model is a true oversized big man recliner with 40-inch width and 66-inch depth. It can fit two people, and it has an overstuffed seat, back, and armrests. Fully assembled, it weighs 117 lbs, so if not lift, you can still easily drag it around your house and position just wherever you need it.

Flash Furniture Big and Tall Leather Recliner

611VRf6RhvL._SL1000_This big man recliner will catch the eye of every old-fashioned buyer who values the true beauty of the contemporary design. It provides a top level of comfort and allows you to relax and watch your favorite shows or work on a laptop. Designed for a bigger size or a taller person, it can withstand a weight capacity of 350 lbs and still function properly. The shipping is free of charge; however, currently, sellers only ship to the United States and U.S. military posts around the world.

What Is a Big Man Recliner?

Simply put, the big man recliner is one of the best things humankind has ever come up with (why aren’t we still funding this?). It is basically an oversized armchair that reclines back in place and elevates your feet with little to no effort at all and provides maximum comfort if you are looking to sit back, relax and chill after a long day at work. The advantages of having such a chair at your house are numerous. We will list a few:

  1. Comfort Level. This is usually the only thing people look at when looking for a good reclining chair for their home. Therefore we decided to list it first. A big man recliner has a way higher comfort level than a bench that you might have on your front porch or even a couch that you have in your living room. No matter how cozy and soft you might think those are, a big man recliner will exceed all your expectations.
  2. all-sizes-reclinerDespite the name, a big man recliner does not take as much space as you might think. Picture an armchair in your head right now. Got an idea? Well, a big man recliner would take just a little bit, slightly more than what just popped up before your eyes. Simply because, please understand, the main feature that it has: a reclining ability. Other than that, you do not really have to break your head planning your living room over again and trying to make up some room for you. It will fit just anywhere a regular armchair would.
  3. Some of the best models on the market out there have all the features to maximize your comfort. They would include in-built heating, airbag adjustment that allows the chair to automatically adjust to the shape of your body, as well as some computerized massaging options. But even with all that, you are not looking to lay out more than several hundred dollars per chair as they are not as pricey as they might look to you on the pictures you find online and on Amazon.

As much as the whole idea of a big man reclining chair sounds pretty simple, the chair itself can be very sophisticated and requires you to spend some extra time shopping around and pay special attention to the research to get as much as you can for the money you are ready to spend. We have come up with a few options for you to take a look at. They are described above.


Whether you want more functions and features, such as heating and massaging, or whether you want a great add-on to your sophisticated interior, there is always a great big man recliner for you out there. You just got to find it! With our help and tips, luckily, it’s not too hard to do. Ask away or use our tips in this article and order your brand new recliner today!

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