The 6 Best Massage Chairs of 2020

Updated August 23rd, 2020
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How much do you like a good massage? Probably each and every one of us asks our loved ones for a back rub every once in a while. There is your comfortable recliner, but there is only so much a recliner can do. Well, nowadays there are solutions for any problem or obstacle. Presenting you with the best massage chair reviews that will save the day!

Our Top Picks

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

If you’re looking for a bang for buck massage chair, well, you’ve found it. The Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner nails the balance of price and feature set. It strikes at the heart of customers looking for all the introductory features while not looking to break the bank. It boasts a total of 20 air bags for massaging everything below the waist. This beauty will send high powered vibrations through your buttocks, thighs and calves. We especially enjoyed taking this chair to a full 180 degree recline. A rare opportunity in this massage recliner price range.

On arrival, we found it super easy to put together. This was after waiting only 9 days for it to land on our doorstep. This chair falls into the entry level airbag massage category. The air bags do give a good massage, but do not surround your body parts like the more expensive chairs. However, to compensate for this, Shiatsu threw in some pretty nifty options when it comes to choices on the remote. The range of options allows for massaging everything from a sore bum to chronic aches.

This is the chair for those who are wanting to dip their toe into the massage chair world. All while sticking to a tight budget. Be sure to look at a warranty as we have read of some breaking down after a year or so. Also, put a power surge board between the chair and the socket in the wall.

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Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Stepping it up a notch from the previous massage chair reviews, we now start to focus on massaging more body parts. Real Relax has upped the airbags and added arm massage to their offering. With 50 airbags for both upper and lower body, this chair will give you one serious massage.

On top of the manual set up, the massage chair comes with 4 preset programs. A feature we did enjoy was the rollers on the feet. This gave a more satisfying massage than the airbags on other models.

Shipping was very quick with this chair, it arrived within the same week we ordered it. When using the chair, make sure that you keep a good posture. Slouching may cause the airbags to miss the mark. Most importantly though, do not panic when the pressure of the airbags is too much! The pressure is normal, especially at the beginning when the chair is initialising to your body. This gave us a surprise too when first using the chair, but the feeling afterwards is well worth the journey.

There were a couple of quirks to report on. Firstly, while in recline mode you cannot pause the preset massage programs. Secondly, the strength of the massage pressure is not adjustable. And thirdly, we found the controls to be a little dated.

Overall, a great chair for the price. Maybe Real Relax were trying to hit too many body parts in this price range. Or maybe they nailed it, that’s for you to decide. But we’re leaning more to the later after every massage session.

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ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

The ideal massage chair has passed the test of time and keeps improving yearly. It’s been on the market now for a couple of years and maintain positive reviews to date. That’s especially impressive as it lies in the price range where customers are very picky on their choices.

Right off the bat, we want to state that the massage on this chair was excellent. Almost similar to what massage chair reviews mention in the $4k and above range of chairs. Similar to the previous chair reviewed, this has 4 preset programs for you massage pleasure. We loved the relaxation mode (setting 2). The most interesting feature was the body scan. The scan occurs before the massage begins. The scan optimizes the inflation of the airbags to suit your body shape.

Some other features that really stood out on this model were the vibration and heating. We found these to be relaxing as well as massaging at the same time. Combine that with the back roller that managed to cover the whole back right down to the buttocks.

An interesting design decision was to not allow independent control over the reclining of the chair. We could not find a way to recline the back of the chair independently from the legs. The chair can make it to zero gravity position. Yet, it would have been nice to set the reline exactly how we wanted it. Some massage chair reviews have also questioned the balls used for the foot massaging functionality. On the more expensive models, they tend to lean towards rollers instead of balls. Foot massaging balls are generally on the cheaper massage recliners.

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Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

Welcome to the next level! Kahuna has arrived and they are here to stay with their LM 6800 massage recliner. This beauty takes you up a notch with 6 preset programs and 3 stages of zero gravity. The computer body scanner built in is the best we’ve seen on a massage chair at this price.

From the moment we sat in this chair, we knew it was a winner. It even comes with shoulder pads! That’s right, you won’t find those on other models in this price range. After jumping straight into the preset programs it became noticeable how effective the massage was on this chair. There is even a handy yoga mode that stretches your whole body. Feels almost like you were lying on a gym ball.

The chair is able to handle any body shape and size. Yes, there are some plastic parts, but the steal frame can withstand anything you throw at it.

The chair arrived on our doorstep 7 days after ordering. There was a little more installation and set up than we would have liked. But the instructions are easy to follow.

This is the price point where massage chair reviews start to see rollers for massaging the feet. Engineering good foot massage rollers isn’t easy, but Kahuna seem to have accomplished a pass mark here.

On a last note, it’s important to point out the 3 year warranty on this item. That’s a great show of workmanship by Kahuna. Unlike the cheaper chairs, it means you can really trust your purchase with this massage recliner.

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Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair

In many ways, this chair speaks for itself. Landing in the pricier bracket of the massage recliner range, it boasts the features to keep it there. The rollers on this chair are simply another level. The feeling these rollers give puts them above the models we reviewed earlier. They are able to find all the correct spots to place the perfect amount of pressure. This results in a perfect massage of the muscles.

Ogawa’s “supertrac” technology works overtime to ensure the rollers exactly meet the curvature of your spin. In the end it’s a full body massage that you may find yourself becoming addicted too. We especially enjoyed the two different stretching modes.

The most notable feature is it’s ability to work so many body parts at the one time. For example, the massage recliner can work it’s magic all while you’re lying in the zero gravity mode. Adjustable massage intensity means any mood or muscle ache doesn’t stand a chance. Customisation is a stand out feature on the Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair.

This is the massage recliner for those who don’t mind spending a little more. Because for those who do, they know it’ll deliver massages with precision accuracy. Not only that, the accuracy is customize to your body shape with the ability to change the intensity. Ogawa, stop teasing and take our money already!

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LURACO TECHNOLOGIES iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

Welcome to the best of the best in US researched, developed and manufactured massage recliners. Yes, there is a high price tag, but boy do you get what you paid for with this chair. Straight off the bat, the 9 built in automatic programs are ready to impress you. But to have you really excited, the iRobotics 7 allows you to build and store your own custom programs. This includes positions, intensities, heat level and massage technique. That’s all while your favorite tunes play in the background via a customizable playlist. The playlist runs from a very stylish looking remote control.

When relaxing for a massage one thing you will not notice is the sound. The massage recliner is near silent. This allows you to really drift off during the time on the chair. It seems that the quality of parts used through the entire massage recliner are state of the art. An industry leading warranty period supports this idea.

The only quirk we could find was that you need to make sure that you give yourself sufficient knee bend when reclining. This will ensure that all rollers are in the right position when reclining to zero gravity.

If you have the money to spend and want the best massage on the market, don’t overlook this chair. It will deliver on all fronts and last you a lifetime. It’s always a satisfying feeling knowing you have spent your money well. Well in this case, you will have the feeling and the relaxed muscles to accompany it.

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Finding the Needle in all the Massage Chair Reviews

massage-chair-reviewsRemember those reclining massage chairs located in the middle of the concourse at the shopping mall? They had those special features, like rubbing your feet for free. All while you are waiting for your friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend to finish shopping. And when they finally come to see where you are, well… you don’t really want to go. The massage just feels so incredibly good. But here is what you can do now: take one of these chairs home. Then you can have your body stretched and massaged to the fullest any time you want.

When Did the Massage Chair Come Around?

For many centuries, therapy included giving a massage. It originated in countries like India, Rome, China, Greece and Egypt. The massage chair as we know it today has not been around as long. It first started in the late 1950s with wooden solutions using wheel crank systems to roll the back.

Innovations and scientific progress, of course, pushed the technology forward. Now, automation has taken over the need for mechanical system requiring physical. Robotic massage chairs that will stretch your muscles with a push of a button.

Now, What Are The Pros and Cons of a Massage Chair?

There are many different advantages of having one these chairs at home. We came up with a small list of the most common things people consider when browsing massage chair reviews. Check it out.

Relaxation at any time you want

Trust us when we say that regular massages will never become dull. It is a relaxing and stress-relieving way to perfectly end your day. Or even to start one, whatever you like. Having a massage chair at home allows you to get a massage at any time you want. That’s regardless of whether your loved one is at home or not. Besides, you’re not dependant on what they feel like at the time. Just get in the chair and relax while the chair does its thing.

Size and dimension

Many massage chair reviews will talk about the chair not taking up more space than a simple chair. That’s right: the chair boasts such great add-ons like an automated massage and heat. All while not taking any more space than a regular chair would. Place it wherever you want: whether in front of a TV enjoying your favorite shows. Or in front of a fireplace where you can cuddle with your loved pet. The point is, it won’t take much space and you can squeeze it pretty much in any room you want.

massage chair reviewsUser-friendly interface

Cutting a balance between the tech savy crowd and those who stray away from tech isn’t easy. Well, in the case of the modern massage chairs, the balance is very good. Almost all of them have an intuitive computer control system. The systems are easy to comprehend and you will figure it out within several minutes from purchase. Without spending a couple of hours on reading a manual. Moreover, most buttons will have clear pictures describing a massage setting. This way, you will have a clear idea of what it does before even trying it out.

Multiple settings and positions

As you already know, most chairs have several different massage settings. Yet, did you know that they could also transform into a bed? Some chairs out there can recline to up to 180 degrees, elevate your feet while still rubbing them as well as spin in any direction you desire. Moved your TV? No need to move your chair, simply spin it around in the direction of the TV. Problem solved.

Watch this video on one of the better massage chair reviews of an Osaki OS-4000T. Take note of the insides of the chair and all the built in features:

Courtesy of Adam Wiedner.

With that, we cannot really think of any disadvantages at all. In some cases the price can be a little high for of the most sophisticated chairs out there. However, you can still find a massage chair that ‘does wonders’ and does not cost a fortune. Whatever price you pay, you will love your new massaging ‘friend’. Guaranteed.

How Do You Choose a Perfect Massage Chair?

With gazillions of options out there, you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of different chairs. The challenge begins with deciding the better chair for around the same set price. To help you do that we have come up with a few things to consider when choosing your new chair.


Well, duh, you may think. And you will be right. Everybody likes cute looking things. Whether you are buying a massage chair – it is important that the product does not look too shabby. That it catches an eye of other people, that’s just in your human nature. However, working off of electricity, a massage chair is an indoor thing. Therefore it is crucial that it fits the interior of your house. With millions of offers out there, it is easy to find one that will be to your liking. Just browse, look at pictures or better yet – come down to the local store. Most likely they will have some chairs stock for you to test out.

best massage chairsComfort

Surely, the whole point of buying a massage chair is to be comfortable sitting in it. Some chairs may even adjust to your body. The chair achieves this with air pillows that inflate and deflate automatically. Computers control the adjustments of the seat to your body.

Material plays another factor in choice of chair. Some exotic materials can cause allergic reactions that you might not even know you are allergic to. Therefore, it is best to know what you are dealing with to achieve maximum comfort for your money.


Definitely consider the price of the chair. The trick is finding the best chair with the maximum amount of features for the maximum comfort. Some massage chair reviews mention that chairs can go up in cost due to the number of functions.  Whereas others can be costly because of their materials. Choose the one that you find more important and make your decision based off of that.

Read testimonials and reviews

It is always a good idea to see what other people think of that or another chair. Some have owned one or simply tried it out at the local store without buying. Generally however, they may have an idea of what they experienced using it. You do not have to trust their opinion, but it never hurts to see what they think. Who knows, maybe they found out something that will turn you completely off about buying the chair. Also, be sure to check out some written and video reviews of the best massage chairs on the market. We’ve prepared the list of our TOP-5 massage chairs found on Amazon. Check them out!

Our massage chairs reviews are based on our opinion of the best chairs for the price asked. There are many of video reviews available for these chairs due to their popularity. We recommend that you check them all out. Combine this with our helpful tips on how to choose the best massage chair.

At Homewares Insider, we love questions, especially regarding any of our tips we gave or the massage chair reviews. Please do not hesitate to contact us in any way you like with feedback. We love your comments! Thanks for reading.

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