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Updated March 18th, 2020
recliner sofa set
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airplane-reclinerHave you ever traveled anywhere outside your state? Most likely, you sure bought an airline ticket and enjoyed all the amenities and conveniences of air travel of 21st century. Including the reclining seat onboard, right? Reclining a seat allows you to assume a more comfortable position and possibly even have a few hours of good night sleep. Now, imagine of these reclining chairs at your house, in your living room, within your reach at any time you want. Or maybe something bigger, a short couch size? With padded seats and back? Got an idea? Well, you have not invented anything new: reclining sofas have populated the world’s market and have been available for sale in different variations for years.

Our Top Picks

We have picked the best reclining sofa range off of Amazon for you to look at. These models are truly the best choice for the majority of people, so we decided to go ahead and share them with you.

Roundhill Furniture Kmax 2-Toned PU Dual Reclining Sofa

best-reclining-sofa_01Check this one out and tell us it is not something that you are looking for. This reclining sofa by Roundhill Furniture is our top best pick for today featuring reclining ability on both sides, two-color brown upholstery that does not irritate even bare skin and traditional, conservative style that will match the design of any interior you might have.

The middle seat also has a dropdown back which has two cup holders on the other side. Rated 5 stars on Amazon we have a good reason to believe you should definitely check this one out.

Homelegance 9700BLK-3 Double Reclining Sofa

best-reclining-sofa_02_1Here is another great option for you consider and think over. Coming in black color, this reclining sofa will fit into any living room design without even any effort. Black just goes with everything.

This reclining sofa features overstuffed arms, seats and backs with high-density foam inside. It has an easy to operate reclining mechanism lever on either side
of the couch. This sofa will save you a few dollars compared to our top pick, however the quality will remain top notch.

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Motion Sofa

best-reclining-sofa_03And say hello to our third best reclining sofa for the day that we picked for you. This elegant reclining couch is designed to create a casual and life-loving atmosphere. Invite your friends over and have some fun in full comfort provided by this sofa, featuring plush padded cushions and pillow topped arms. This model is about 300 less dollars, however it has all the features the other two of our picks do. Except it does not have a dropdown back of the middle seat with two cup holders on the back.

Other than that, it comes in casual brown color, nice to the touch and weighs only 181.5 pounds fully assembled (compared to the two above which are approximately 300 pounds each).

Why a Reclining Sofa?

Let’s check out some advantages of owning one of these reclining sofas at home. Shall we?

  1. Better Than a Regular Couch. All of us like to have at least one couch in our living rooms, right? Throw some pillows and fluffy blankets and done – perfect haven to escape to at night, relax and watch your favorite shows cuddling with your dog or a loved one. But why limit yourself to just that? For about the same price you can have a sofa that reclines, thus transforming into a comfortable place to crash, or helps you stay warm by heating or even gives you a massage. Sounds interesting? We bet, because it definitely is better than a regular couch as we know it.
  2. reclining-sofa-with-book-pocketsWhat about Space? Next question please. Just kidding. Actually, that is a very simple question to answer. A reclining sofa does not take any more space than a regular couch or lazy boy recliner. It can still fit up to 3-4 people under normal circumstances (unless you are throwing a party, then we all understand this number is close to 20) as well as does not require much more space in the back to recline to. Space – is just something you do not have to worry about.
  3. Value for Your Dollars. Have we mentioned the price? Generally speaking, you are not looking to spend more money than you would have paid for a regular couch set (a couch plus 1-2 armchairs). But on top of that, you will get all extra features a reclining sofa comes with. No need to pay extra for better stuff.
  4. Easy To Use and Operate. You do not need to major in rocket science to understand how to use a reclining sofa. It is either power or mechanically operated and all you have to learn to use is a simple lever that goes up and down to recline the back or a few buttons that control the reclining process, feet elevating feature plus any other things your reclining sofa might come with such heating, automated adjustment or computerized massage.

All these advantages of getting the best reclining sofa for your living room completely overwhelm any disadvantages out there. Not that we can really think of any. If you can, please let us know.

And that concludes out short introduction to the world of home comfort. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns whether regarding to what is put out here or something different. Peace!

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