9 Ways to Use Wall Shelves for a Clutter-Free Living Room

Updated November 10th, 2021

These days, homeowners can easily gain access to creative and unique ideas to elevate the look of their living room. With so many home improvement resources and guides online, you won’t run out of beautiful designs to apply to your living space. In this article, you’ll find out how to make use of wall shelves to tidy up and enhance your living room.

When you have many belongings at home, it’s hard to keep your living room clutter-free all the time, especially when you lack storage spaces to keep them organized. But thanks to the versatility of wall shelves, there are many designs and options you can go for, and they won’t break the bank at all.

Here are some stylish and fresh wall shelving ideas to eliminate and control clutter in your living room:

1. Opt For Hanging Wall Shelves

The easiest trick to managing living room clutter is to use ready-made hanging wall shelves from RJ Living or any other furniture store near you. These provide enough storage space for everything from books to decorative trinkets to artwork displays. You can also store items that you otherwise don’t want other people to see since some options have sliding doors or serve as wall-mounted drawers.

Hanging Wall Shelves

2. Install A Five-Tier Hanging Wall Shelf

For this wall shelf design, you’ll be using sturdy but stylish metal bars that will hold up five tiers of floating shelves. Use ready-made wooden shelves since they’re sturdy enough for items that have to be in the living room. This design will suit any modern-themed home, and it’s perfect for uplifting the area instantly.

The five-tier shelves can be used for small plants, your favorite magazines or books, and picture frames, among others.

3. Create A Wooden Crescent Moon Shelf

This crescent moon shelf will give your home a natural or ‘Zen’ vibe. Look for ready-made wooden shelves as well as wooden boards you can cut on your own to create a full moon shape for the back and a crescent moon shape for the front.

Store your trinkets, collectibles, and memorable gifts on these wooden shelves. Because of its unique shape, it can be the focal point of your living room. This piece will definitely grab the attention of your guests, family, and friends.

4. Incorporate Pegboard Shelves

Make a DIY pegboard if you don’t want shelves on your walls to feel cluttered and messy. A giant wooden wall covering will add warmth to your space while providing more space for picture frames, displays, and house plants. These pegboards will make your living room stand out from the rest.

5. Place Wall Shelves Above And Below The TV

Make your TV more eye-catching by adding floating shelves above and below it. The extra spaces can accommodate all your gadgets and additional media equipment like gaming consoles and remote controls. This type of shelf can contain a lot of items and keep your living room clutter-free any day of the week.

6. Make Hexagon Wall Shelves

The hexagonal shape is a modern and geometrical design that you might find in many modern houses today. You can incorporate this unique look into your living room shelves, too. Whether you go for store-bought shelves and arrange them to form a hexagon or create everything from scratch using recyclable materials, both options are viable and useful.

7. Add Wall Shelves To The Window Ledge

One fantastic way to maximize your space is to add shelves even to your window ledges. As there are many reasons to use plants and flowers for interior design purposes, these are the perfect shelves to place them on. Your plants can have direct sunlight coming from the window, so they’ll grow healthily.

You can use acrylic shelves and attach them to the side of any window ledge. But before doing this, check if the design of your window is suitable for the shelving.

8. Go For A Modern Diamond Design

A diamond-shaped wall shelf is a refreshing and stylish option for your living room. You can use rustic wooden shelves and paint them with some varnish for added gloss and shine.

These shelves can hold items such as books and house ornaments. They’re a perfect combination of modern and industrial styles. What’s more, they’ll look amazing not only in your living room but in your bathrooms and bedrooms, too.

9. Set Up Black Square Wall Accent Shelves

Black squares make up the design of these cool floating shelves. Because each ‘box’ serves as its own display frame, these shelves are perfect for showcasing ornaments, sculptures, tiny succulents, and photographs.

Depending on your preference, you can arrange these black square shelves vertically at any length. You can arrange the shelves from the topmost part of the wall to the bottom. This can give you abundant space and result in a modern design for your living room.


Hopefully, you’ve found some or all of these ideas helpful for your living room shelving project. Although there are different types of clutter in a typical home, these shelves can help you minimize and organize your items and spruce up the entire look of your space. If you follow any of the suggestions above, you can expect to earn compliments from visitors and even the members of your own household.

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