5 Decorating Trends for Your Living Room in 2023

Updated April 1st, 2023

Naturally, when you are eager to let your hair down after a long day of punishing work, you are likely to want to head to one room of the home above all: the living room.

However, given how much of your time you could spend in this room, why shouldn’t you set aside time to dedicate to making it look good, too? Here are some decorating practices that could be especially often used in living rooms in 2023

Using decor to instill mindfulness

You might think that, to make your living room feel luxurious, you need to spend big on a wide range of shiny new decor pieces for displaying in that space.

However, British designer Matthew Williamson has suggested to Homes & Gardens that “this year, we’ll start to think more about feelings and atmosphere.”

He pointed out: “A candlelit drinks trolley at night adds a luxurious touch to a living room, whilst a huge branch from the garden brought indoors can have a dramatically artful effect.”

Adding pieces that do double duty

“I see using living rooms as multipurpose spaces,” interior designer Jennifer Hunter has told The Spruce, adding: “I always include a game table in all of my living rooms because I want clients to truly live in that space.”

You could take inspiration from these words by giving your living room a number of decor pieces capable of serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. For example, if you want to use your living room as a home gym as well, you could add some dumbbells to bookshelves in the room.

Hanging up pendant lighting

Utah Style & Design has cited pendant lights as “many decorators’ darlings for illuminating today’s most delightful spaces.”

The site has suggested various possible reasons for this — including these lights’ “jewelry-like performance” and “their ability to shine brilliantly solo”.

You could be stunned by what a visual impact you make just by affixing a single large glass pendant light to your living room’s ceiling. Indeed, the glass could reflect light around the space, producing something of a glittery effect.

Adding more storage, but in a decorative fashion

Your mind might already be brimming with plenty of imaginative ideas for how you could follow this particular trend in your own way.

“I love a wraparound book storage idea — it makes a room feel so cozy, and in a painted finish it isn’t as heavy or traditional as a natural wood finish can feel,” interior designer Elizabeth Hay has enthused to Homes & Gardens.

Experimenting with patterns

As we have already acknowledged, a living room can be used for many different things these days. It, therefore, makes sense that you should design the space in such a way that patterns visually separate one part of it from another.

For example, while a relatively bold pattern can make sense in a formal living area, you might want this pattern to transition into a more subdued one that would serve as the backdrop to a snug elsewhere in the room.

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