What Furniture Should You Buy First?

Updated June 16th, 2022
What Furniture Should You Buy First

If you’re setting up your first home or apartment, you’re probably finding yourself overwhelmed by the amount of furniture that you need to buy just to have a comfortable home. You will probably find yourself wondering which types of furniture you should prioritize and how to find furniture that will last for the years and decades to come. If you don’t know what you’ll need and want to know what furniture to buy first, read this quick and simple guide for first-time furniture buyers.

1: A High-Quality Bed

Finding a high-quality bed that is well-constructed and well-suited to your body is the most important purchase that you’re likely to make as a first-time furniture buyer. Take advantage of mattress companies to find the right firmness, and then look for the most high-quality mattress you can afford with favorable customer reviews. Remember that you’ll likely have your mattress for ten years or more, so putting a little more money into it will be a smart investment both financially and for your long-term health.

2: A Dining Room Set

A dining room table and chairs is another must-have investment for a first-time furniture buyer. Most high-quality dining room sets are built to last a lifetime, so make sure that you buy one in a timeless style that you’ll be able to fit with a variety of decor over time. Many dining room tables are able to be extended using leaves, and even though these are generally more expensive they are a good investment for entertaining or when you start a family. Be wary of easily scratched or broken materials, like glass, or materials that can wear down more quickly than the overall set, such as fabric seats.

3: A Great Sofa

Sofas come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, fabrics, and costs. If you choose a high-quality one, they can last for a decade or more, but that all depends on what type you choose. Rigid sofas tend to last longer and require less maintenance to look their best, while softer sofas are preferred by some for their comfort and because they can be more easily reupholstered. Unless you’re planning on your sofa being your main statement piece, go for neutral colors or subtle patterns that you can fit a wide variety of decor around over the years.

4: Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers can be used for so much more than just clothing. You can put one in the bathroom for towels, body products, and other supplies, in the living room for games and office supplies, or in the entryway for winter outerwear and other commonly-needed items for going out. Make sure to choose a chest of drawers with deep, wide drawers that will allow a wide variety and sizes of items, and look for hardwoods or neutral colors.

5: Coffee and Side Tables

While further down on the list of priorities, coffee, and side tables aren’t often very expensive and can be highly useful for anyone looking to tie a room together and get more table space. You can often find nice pieces second-hand, or you can choose to buy new and more easily coordinate the room. There are a wide variety of materials side tables can use, from cheap plywood to a more expensive, but more sturdy and permanent, metal coffee table.

6: Lamps

Many houses and apartments have inconvenient or unusual overhead lighting arrangements that might not light up the whole room. Investing in floor lamps or table lamps near seating will make your home brighter when they’re on and create more decoration and interest in your rooms. Table lamps go well when you have pairs of tables on either side of a sofa, while floor lamps can easily be tucked in corners near armchairs. Lampshades are important, too; make sure you understand the opacity of the lampshade you’re getting and how that will affect the amount of light cast and the overall look of the room.

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