Masculine Bedroom Design: The Core Elements for a Man’s Bedroom

Updated March 19th, 2022

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A master bedroom is a retreat – a place where a man can go to relax and escape the stresses of the day. It should be an oasis of calm, with strong masculine bedroom design features that reflect the owner’s personality and interests. In this post, we will explore the key elements that make up a masculine bedroom design. We’ll discuss why each element is important, and provide some examples of how you can incorporate them into your own space.

If you’re looking for some men’s bedroom ideas that will make you feel like a king of the castle, please read on!

Core Elements of Masculine Bedrooms


One of the most important elements in a masculine bedroom design is leather furnishings. Leather has a rich, luxurious look and feels that adds instant sophistication to any space. There’s a reason the leather couch has been a focal point of the masculine space for decades.

Leather is also durable and easy to care for, making it a great choice for busy men who don’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep. Plus, leather ages beautifully, so your furniture will only get better with time.

Of course, leather can be quite grating if you have a room filled with it, (vs. accents). If you’re not ready to commit to an all-leather bedroom, try incorporating just one or two pieces – a handsome armchair or ottoman, for example.


Another key element in masculine bedroom design is rough textures. This can be anything from exposed brick walls to concrete floors to reclaimed wood beams. The idea is to create a space that feels masculine and raw like it would be right at home in a mountain cabin or industrial loft. Personally, I love exposed brick as an accent wall in modern bedrooms.

This is a great way to add interest and depth to your bedroom, and it can also help balance out any softer, more delicate elements you might want to include. This type of design is super common in urban lofts, but you can easily recreate the look in any space – even if you don’t have exposed brick walls. Just look for furniture and accessories with a rough, industrial feel.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate rough textures into your space, start with one or two small accents, such as a stone sculpture on the nightstand, for example, or dark wood furniture, such as a bed frame.

Color Scheme

Another important element in a man’s bedroom is color. You’ll want to stick with warm neutrals like browns and blacks, or dark hues like deep green or navy blue. These colors create a masculine, grounded feel that is perfect for a retreat from the outside world.

You can use color in many different ways in your bedroom – from painting the walls to choosing bedding and accessories. If you’re not sure where to start, try using one or two accent colors to add pops of interest throughout the space.

Keep in mind the lighting throughout your space. If you have a lot of natural light, the interior design should be using different colors than a dark bedroom space.

Geometric Patterns

Another element you’ll find in masculine bedroom design is geometric patterns. These can be anything from bold stripes to chevron prints to plaids. Geometric patterns add visual interest and depth to a space, and they can also help masculine bedrooms feel more modern and stylish with their clean lines.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate geometric patterns into your bedroom, start with small accents like throw pillows or an area rug. These patterns will institute distinct masculine vice throughout the space, especially when paired with the gritty texture above.

Bold Art and Decor

Finally, the modern man’s bedroom needs to include bold art and decor. This could be anything from a large painting or sculpture to a vintage map or set of antlers. The idea is to choose pieces that reflect your interests and personality, and that makes a statement in the space.

Bold art and decor are a great way to add visual interest to your bedroom, and they can also help make the space feel more personal and unique. They will also give you an instant conversation starter for guests within your interior design. If you’re not sure where to start, try choosing one or two pieces that you love and building the rest of the room around them.

Men’s Bedroom Ideas: Final Thoughts

Masculine bedroom design is all about creating a space that feels strong, powerful, and comforting. By using leather furnishings, rough textures, warm neutral colors or dark moody colors, geometric patterns, and bold art and decor, you can create a masculine look that will make any man feel at home.

Do you have some fun masculine bedroom designs you’d like to show off? We would love to see them!

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