4 Bedroom Design and Decor Tips for Couples

Updated November 4th, 2022

The bedroom is the room of our dreams because it is the place where we dream at night, when we rest our body and soul. And we all want to have sweet dreams, so this room has to be the most warm and cozy place to relax and recharge. It has to be the synonym for nice and comfy place where the couple exchanges their good night wishes before drifting off to a healing night’s sleep. And before turning off the lights, the couple should have the last picture of their bedroom so inviting and warm and soft, so they can easily fall asleep.

The comfort of your bedroom does not depend only on the size of the room and the furniture, there are more important things like the age of the couple and their necessities, choice of the colors, the ambience preferences and bedding.

The bed and the headboard

If your bedroom isn’t too small, always choose a king size bed. All other pieces of furniture are just the accompanying equipment, the bed is what deserves our full attention. For young couples that will have children this is very important, because children often like to spend some moments cuddling with their parents because they feel that the bedroom exudes with love and calm, and they want to be a part of it. And if it is a toddler, they will sometimes sleep in your bed, so everybody has to feel comfortable.

The bed should have an upholstered or padded headboard, to provide us with comfort and softness while we sit in bed reading or watching TV before going to sleep. It should be upholstered in soft, yet easy to clean materials, like velvet, faux leather or suede. It should provide your back with nice support, so that you feel comfy.

And the next most important thing is mattresses and bedding. We all need to sleep very comfortably in beds, so there is no morning stiffness or any pain in the back or neck. Choose your mattress and pillows carefully if you want to have a recovering night’s sleep. If you are not sure about the criteria of choosing a proper mattress for you, you can read more about it here. We all have different needs, so the best way to decide about your mattress is to read as many reviews as possible.

Lighting is important

Although it is a bedroom, lighting is very important. Sometimes you need it to shine brightly so that you can clearly see every corner when cleaning your bedroom. If you read a book before sleep, you should put sconces on each side of the bed. Let both your central light and the sconces be of the same type. And if you have a nice, big bedroom, you should have a vanity table with a mirror and lights. And don’t forget about a dim night light that will help you move in the dark if you have to get up for some reason at night, and you don’t want to wake anybody else, not even yourself.

What shall we do with a rug?

Although some people like big rugs and talk about how important it is for rugs to be big, so that the space looks wider, there are those who are not very fond of the rugs. So, everybody chooses what they like, especially if they have hairy pets. Either you choose a big rug or bare floor, it must be clean because you have to breathe fresh air. And if you must, go on and choose a big rug, or simply put nice runners on each side of the bed. Nobody likes to stand on the cold floor when they get up from the bed in the cold weather.

The simple things can be very nice if you know how to incorporate them with everything else, or can even enhance the beauty of the most important thing in your bedroom – the bed.

A few words about the colors

Don’t think too much of the colors. Make your walls and curtains neutral, so that any bedding goes perfect with them. It is true that we close our eyes and sleep in our bedroom, but even after we close them, the feeling that the colors bring to our senses is remembered.

Make your sleeping nest, tuck in and have sweet dreams.

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