Simple, Yet Effective Bedroom Organization Hacks

Updated March 17th, 2020

Keeping your bedroom clean is essential for a good nights rest as clutter and cramped spaces will add to your discomfort. What’s more, messy bedrooms are also breeding grounds for allergens and pests, which means that lack of organization would essentially contribute to hayfever, sinus issues, and even skin conditions such as eczema. In the event that you are suffering from ongoing allergy symptoms, it would be worth your while to consider contacting a pest control, exterminator services to clear allergen causing pests such as roaches, ants, bed bugs, and even termites that may be contributing to your allergy symptoms. Once your home has been cleared of pests, you should consider the following bedroom organization hacks to ensure your sleep environment remains clean and allergen-free.

Add Storage Units

If your closet is overflowing with clothing and you are unable to keep it neat and tidy, it would be worth your while to consider adding storage units, such as extra drawers or even and additional cupboard. You should also consider sorting out clothing to determine which items can be stored in boxes in your attic or garage area to enhance the amount of space you have available. The more cramped your closet is is, the easier it will be for pests to lurk. You could also consider storing your shoes in pull-out drawers under your bed. Adding small baskets or even plastic tubs inside your drawers will ensure your clothing items stay neat as you will be able to designate a small tub for each category of clothing.

Remove Excess Decor

Everyone likes home decor, although, too much creates a chaotic cluttered look, which is why you should consider reducing the amount of decor in your bedroom area. The less decor you have, the less you will have to dust and clean as ornamental items and even picture frames gather dust surprisingly fast. The minimalist bedroom approach is often the best way to reduce cleaning efforts and allergens. Your rooms should only boast basics and comfort additionals rather than a ton of decor that will only add to visual distractions and hinder your ability to rest in the evenings.

Install Shelving

Even though you should get rid of most of your bedroom decor items, you may still find that you have items that need their very own space. Installing shelving in your room will enhance your packing space or serve as a bookshelf for your favourite evening reads. Shelving is an affordable organization hack that will not consume floor space, which is why the solution is perfect even for smaller bedrooms.

Laundry baskets, Blanket Baskets

You should keep at least two baskets in your bedroom; one for your laundry, and one for extra blankets. If you are not fond of the look a basket will provide, you should consider a blanket box. However, adding a basket or box for your blankets will keep your bedroom neat and tidy. There is no debating the need for a laundry basket as tossing laundry on the floor is the fastest way to create a messy look.

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