What are Microfiber Bed Sheets?

Updated March 11th, 2020


Think finely woven fibers. In fiber-speak the denier is either low or high. The denier is the measurement of the thickness of the fiber. In terms of what qualifies as Microfiber, the denier needs to be less than one denier in diameter.

Microfiber sheets are made in a factory and are extremely strong although that are quite thin. Many materials can be used to manufacture Microfiber bed sheets, namely nylon polymers, wood pulp and polyester.

The Caring of Your Microfiber Bed Sheet

Most times your Microfiber Bed Sheet can be washed conventionally in your washing machine but we suggest you follow the following tips to ensure the longevity of your sheet and the best way of choosing your sheets.


Be sure to allow for shrinkage or check whether the manufacturer has pre-shrunk the sheet. No worse, when it comes to a fitted sheet, to realize after one wash it does not fit properly. Sometimes it is best, if the sheet is not pre-shrunk, to buy one size bigger than your bed size. E.g. Queen size bed – buy a King size bed sheet.


While Microfiber bed sheets will generally hold their color well, bright colors are known to fade a little. We suggest washing with a color-fast washing powder and keeping same discount-bedding-1500-thread-count-sheet-sets-best-bed-sheets-luxury-bed-linen-discount-bedding-1000-thread-count-sheet-sets-microfiber-sheets-5colors together. I.e. Whites with whites, blacks with blacks and bright colors together.


As the material is so finely knitted they will crease easily, so just iron your sheets with a warm iron and fold neatly or better yet iron just before placing on the bed.


As with most things in life, better quality Microfiber bed sheets will last longer over the years.   A lower quality Microfiber sheet may tear easily if man-handled too much and with wear and tear over the years will get thin.


The smaller the denier or higher the thread count will result in a more smoother, softer sheet. So dependent on your budget you may want to purchase two lower denier sheets and two higher denier, so you have a variety. Winter months will be best for the lower denier Microfiber bed sheet, for that added comfort.

Further, the better quality Microfiber bed sheets do not hold water i.e. Body sweat, and therefore good for summer too. They also dry quicker on the line than most cotton standard sheets.


Good news for allergy sufferers is that Microfiber material is gentle on the nose.   Because of the tightly woven threads dust mites and other creatures wont be able to bury themselves into the material.


s-l1000Sometimes manufacturers combine Microfiber materials with Microsuede, which makes the sheet extra soft and smooth to the touch. At a slightly extra cost you can have this deluxe bed sheet.


A reversible sheet is good for one reason only and that is that you do not wear the one side down too much. So if you can find a reversible Microfiber bed sheet, buy it!

We hope our simple tips and advice gets you out there shopping for your new Microfiber Bed Sheets.

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