Here’s How to Decorate Your Home from Scratch

Updated December 1st, 2022

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone, particularly if you are keen on design. What are you going to do with your blank canvas? Our decorating tips will help you create the ideal aesthetic environment, cozy and pleasing to the eye.

1. Pick a Style

Whether you do everything yourself or hire professionals from, style is the starting point. The basic rule is that the interior must sync with the exterior. For example, a ranch-style home could emphasize earth tones inside with dark wood pieces and furniture with clean lines. Some of the most popular styles are:


This fusion of modern and transitional aesthetics is suitable for most architectural styles. For example, if you are updating a colonial home or want a new house to look warmer, it is worth considering.


This style is best for ranch homes, buildings from the Art Deco era, and houses built during and after the 1950s.


This minimalist approach is best for limited spaces. It also highlights natural features like big windows or architectural details.


This style is quite cozy and whimsical. It is increasingly popular thanks to designers like Joanna Gaines. Your home will have a fun and vintage feel.

2. Plan Each Room Separately

Do not try to decorate the entire house. This is one of the typical amateur mistakes! Narrow down your focus to one room at a time. Prioritize them according to your needs, starting with the one you will spend the most time in.

Put your power drill to work, and make any task easier or faster, like hanging prints and building furniture. Find the best drill bits for tapping or drilling into metal, wood, and masonry efficiently. Make sure you get the right sizes, though, or you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. Avoid any errors by consulting a tap and drill size table. This will ensure you get the job done right.

You do not have to design all rooms in one style! Just add some unifying elements like a color or decor item.

3. Start With the Largest Element

Identify the biggest element in each room. This is typically the most important and expensive object — for example, a dining table in a dining room or a sofa in a living room. As this biggest piece will be used the most often, focus on quality. If you want to save money, buy cheaper accessories.

4. Paint and Repaint

Repainting is the easiest and cheapest way to transform a room! You can choose vibrant, rich colors. Even a pastel shade is more impactful than white! You could turn one of the walls into a focal wall by painting it in a bolder shade. Buy some accessories in the same color — for example, vases or pillows.

5. Take Your Time

Do not rush to finalize the decoration of every room. Over time, you can add additional layers and elements like splashes of color, organization items, lighting, textiles, and wall art. The more time you spend in your new home, the more ideas you will have. Decorating is not a sprint; it is a marathon!

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