Bringing The Texan Ranch Into Your Home

Updated May 27th, 2021

There are few design themes as homely and welcoming as rural ones, including the iconic ranch. Not limited to amateur designers by any means, Forbes highlighted Utah-based interior design expert Tracy Flaherty and her incredible ranch designs that encapsulate the rural atmosphere and tie it together with urban functionality. Homeowners looking to get something unique yet warm into their home should look no further than the ranch, which provides a window into American’s classic history.

An Overview

A ranch can mean many different things to a lot of different people, but when looking at interior design, it usually refers to the style of Texan ranches. The home of cowboys, the frontier, and the individualist attitude are all elements you can bring into your home. Country Living highlight an easy first way to bring that feeling in – wooden, colonial-era furniture. Many ranches had that stripped-back, basic appeal to them, given the functional nature of their work. However, today, that warm wooden feel can bring a country and ranch feel to your home.

The warmth of the Frontier

Texan ranches are, obviously, warm places. The state is one of the warmest going and has plenty of deserts to intensify that heat. That’s part of why the ranch can feel so pleasant and welcoming, especially in the evenings. The Post Ranch Inn, a hotel featured by USA Today, shows how to encapsulate that feeling. Encourage open, dry spaces, and create easy access to outdoor areas. Bring in items that smooth the transition between the ‘plains’ outdoors and your home: plants, rattan furniture, and plentiful outdoor seating.

Bigger is Better

Perhaps more than anything, Texas and its ranches are big. The state is known for its ostentatious ways, with everything in Texas somehow bigger than the next. This can be a useful design tip for your own home and something great for smaller places. Rather than having lots of clutter, opt for small amounts of larger, categorically stunning furniture pieces. Make everything stand out and grab the attention of visitors.

Bringing the ranch home will make it feel warm, welcoming, and rustic. It’s a design trend that won’t soon go out of fashion, and for a good reason. The storied history of ranches is at the forefront of American cultural memory. Long may it reign – from the comfort of your home.

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