How To Decorate Top of Kitchen Cabinets and Survive the Critics

Updated December 18th, 2023

First, let it be said that it is not always necessary or aesthetically pleasing to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, less is more. In fact, when it comes to decorating, less is always more. So, what we are going to give you is some cool ideas on where and how to decorate the top of kitchen cabinet spaces. As well as when not to.

Size Does Count

1276dbddc0d32e85d4603e6e6bc380fdIf you have a small kitchen, you do not want to be cluttering it up with little or big items, even if they are high up on your cabinet. Take a look at these kitchens, which are pretty small but where the décor above the cabinets just works. Keeping with the color theme, the EAT and indulge word-art sits nicely on the wall while the few décor items neatly sit in between. Not too much, but just enough not to detract from the clean and neat kitchen layout.

Again here, the EAT stands out, and the little paintings and artwork neatly slot in. The key, too, is not to have too much on the actual counters below. Here the little baskets are perfectly set into the small kitchen, giving it a cottage feel.

Color Coupling

6359d9b11d83602f33598b588544efb3As with size, color ranks high on decoration habits. Take this off-white kitchen, where they have brought in a muted soft blue to offset the stainless steel of the microwave. Not too much again, but just enough to give it that authentic look.

Another small kitchen, which would be pretty dull, has been brightened up with little moss-green artifacts up top on the cabinets.

Too Little Is Lost


Sometimes, people try to decorate above their kitchen cabinets but haven’t a clue.

Here is an example of just that. The items are lost up there. There need to be either two to three larger items spaced evenly, or these items need to be brought more to the forefront of the cabinet.

Lovely kitchen. Love the white. Love the bright yellow chairs. But feel that the yellow could have been mimicked above on the cabinets. The little boxes and plants that are up there are hidden so far back one cannot actually tell what they are. So, color and size mattered a great deal here.

Check Professional Kitchen Cabinet Designs For Inspiration

The designers at a Custom Cabinetry Design Center have extensive knowledge and experience in kitchen design. They can provide expert advice on how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets based on your specific style, preferences, and overall design of your kitchen. They can suggest creative ideas and solutions that align with your vision.

Decorating the top of kitchen cabinets is an opportunity to add a finishing touch to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Design centers can provide guidance on selecting decorative items such as vases, artwork, plants, or other accessories that match your style and elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen. They can suggest appropriate scales and arrangements to ensure a balanced and visually pleasing composition.

What Not To Do



Some folk out there have this urge to display just about everything they own.  If I have it, I will show it. Please, please, please don’t do that!



Then there are what I call the “what the …” decor abortions! Perhaps there is a travel theme going on – I don’t know – but I’m not sure about it at all.

Wine-Bottles-on-CabinetWine bottles – we all need somewhere to keep them, and if you don’t have a wine cabinet or display area – then just go ahead and put them on top of your kitchen cabinets – NOT!

What if you want to open a bottle? Then you will be busy shuffling them around to make them look all over again!  Not to mention a dusting nightmare!  Just don’t do it!

Then, when you don’t have enough space in your cabinets for your pots – just pop them above, and there you go!  No, No, No! We hope you have a good idea of how to decorate on top of kitchen cabinets now. The what and what not to do’s right here! Have fun!

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