Stamping your Style: Bedroom Décor

Updated March 17th, 2020

Making your house feel like a home is an important thing to do when you are decorating. The bedroom is a room in which you will spend approximately one third of your time, so be sure to make it cozy and stylish.

Choosing your Style

Take a little time to consider the overall look you are aiming for. If you are starting completely from scratch and don’t have a developed style, flick through some home décor magazines and see what takes your fancy. The same goes for wandering around home stores. Take photos of the items you like and consider setting up a Pinterest board to show what you find. You may well discover that you are drawn to shabby chic or industrial. Look around on other people’s Pinterest boards for inspiration too.


Consider the look you envisage for the walls. Are you keen to have wallpaper or simply paint? Perhaps a combination of the two is more your thing with a feature wall. Check the surface of the walls before making a final decision. Those with big chips and holes in will not look great when painted. If you are still keen to have painted walls, consider having the walls replastered for a smooth finish. Have you ever painted a wall and been disappointed with the shade once the whole room was finished? Sometimes, this can be as a result of not quite being able to visualize the final effect. Nowadays, there are many apps, which can help do this for you, so you can be certain of your choices.


Mismatched furniture rarely adds any sort of element of style to a room. However, if you already own several pieces that do not work together, you could consider upcycling them using specific furniture paint. Replacing knobs or handles, in addition to the new finish, can change a piece altogether. The most important purchase for the bedroom is the bed. Spend time researching the different types out there and which will fit with both the size and look of your room. Pair a decent bed with an organic mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Whether you are a carpet fan or prefer exposed floorboards, take time to investigate the possibilities. Often, you’ll be barefoot in the bedroom, so something comfy is preferable for many people. However, perhaps a fluffy rug would be an option if you don’t like the thought of carpet or you have severe allergies. A rug is an easier option to keep clean and minimize dust mites. Whatever option you go for, there are countless color options and shades available.


The finishing touches to the room really should be bought last of all. If this isn’t the case, you may end up with a whole pile of mismatched things that you can no longer see working in your room, which would be a shame. A bedside lamp is essential, especially for avid readers. There are so many different styles out there with varying fabrics, metals, and colors, like those found at Consider whether you want an alarm clock. Gone are the days of only being able to pick boring black radio alarm clocks with garish red LED numbers. Try not to go overboard; you’ll only regret it whenever you’ve got your feather duster out!

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