Minimalist Interior Design: Achieving Simplicity and Elegance in Your Bedroom

Updated April 4th, 2023

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and looking for a way to bring a sense of calm to your bedroom, minimalist interior design may be just what you need.

According to a recent survey, 59% of respondents chose a clean and minimal design as their top choice in home décor. While colorful and creative details can be eye-catching, too much variation can lead to chaos and anxiety. Our brains crave symmetry, neatness, and order, which is why minimalism is so appealing.

A minimalist space is relaxing to the eyes and soothing to the brain, which can improve your mood and even your sleep quality. By decluttering your space, you can create a sense of order and structure that will extend to your mind, helping you feel more focused and energized for the day ahead.

In this article, we’ll show you how to achieve simplicity and elegance in your bedroom through minimalist interior design.

The Bed: Focal Point of Your Bedroom

According to award-winning interior designer Allison Jaffe, starting with a white base for your bedding can make your room feel updated, clean, and elegant. To achieve this look, you can add colorful or patterned accent pillows on top of the white base. Additionally, adding a textural throw blanket can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so it’s important to choose a bed frame that has a clean-lined, minimalist design without any unnecessary embellishments.

For a minimalist bedroom, your bedding should be neutral in color, and your sheets should be of high quality and crisp. A duvet cover in a solid color can add a touch of texture to the bed. Keep the number of pillows to a minimum and choose simple designs to maintain a clean look.

Declutter Your Space

Clutter can detract from the simplicity and serenity of a minimalist bedroom. To achieve a clean and uncluttered look, keeping your space free of unnecessary items is important.

Start by going through your wardrobe and removing clothes that you haven’t worn in a while, that don’t fit, or are out of season. You can store these items away in another space or donate them to a local charity.

Next, take a look at your bedside table and make sure that it is free of clutter. Only keep essential items, such as a lamp and a book, and store the rest away in a drawer or on a shelf.

By reducing the amount of clutter in your bedroom, you’ll create a more calming and peaceful environment that can help you unwind at the end of a long day.

Color Scheme: Keep it Simple

A minimalist bedroom should have a simple color scheme. Choose neutral tones such as white, gray, and beige. Add interest with texture and materials, such as a woven rug or a natural wood bedside table. If you do want to add a pop of color, keep it to a minimum, such as a single-throw pillow in a muted tone.

Lighting: Keep it Soft and Simple

Lighting is a crucial component of creating a peaceful and calming environment in your bedroom. Soft lighting can help you unwind before bed and set the tone for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Avoid harsh overhead lighting and instead opt for lamps with warm, soft light bulbs. A simple, stylish bedside lamp can be the perfect addition to your minimalist bedroom.

Additionally, exposure to natural light can increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that stabilizes mood and promotes feelings of calm and happiness. That’s why natural light is an essential element of minimalist interior design.

Large windows can create a sense of openness and add to the peaceful, calming atmosphere of a minimalist space. To maximize the benefits of natural light, make sure to keep your windows unobstructed and let in as much light as possible.

Storage: Keep it Hidden

Storage is necessary for any bedroom, but in a minimalist bedroom, it’s important to keep it hidden. Opt for built-in storage or a sleek wardrobe with sliding doors. Keep your clothes and personal items out of sight so they don’t detract from the simplicity of your bedroom.

Artwork: Keep it Minimal

Artwork can be a great way to add interest and personality to your bedroom, but in a minimalist bedroom, it’s important to keep it minimal. Choose a single statement piece or a small collection of prints with simple frames.

Avoid cluttering your walls with too many pieces, and make sure the artwork is in line with the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Minimalist interior design is about achieving simplicity and elegance in your bedroom. A minimalist bedroom is free of clutter, with a simple color scheme and clean-lined furniture.

Keep your lighting soft and storage hidden, and choose artwork that aligns with your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. With these tips, you can create a peaceful and calming sanctuary that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

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