Best Extra Firm Mattress Reviews 2020

Updated June 2nd, 2021
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Welcome to our journey to find you the best extra firm mattress on the market. These extra firm mattress reviews will give you an analysis of each of the products we tested. We will then pinpoint the best mattress for the best night’s rest at the right price.

Summary List of the Best Extremely Firm Mattresses

Zinus Green Tea Mattress [ Amazon Link ]A$
LINENSPA 6-Inch Inner Spring Mattress [ Amazon Link ]B+$
Classic Brands 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress [ Amazon Link ] A$$$
Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress [ Amazon Link ]A$$
Signature Design by Ashley Chime [ Amazon Link ]A$$
Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Mattress [ Amazon Link ]A++$$$
AC Pacific 6-Inch Mattress [ Amazon Link ]A+$


Zinus Green Tea Mattress

This is an excellent mattress with just a couple of drawbacks.

Most of the mattresses on this list are made from memory foam, and the Zinus 6-inch is no exception. It’s easy to see why this material is a favorite. Memory foam is a dense foam that gradually molds to the shape of your body as you lie on it. It feels supportive yet still plush and soft at the surface. Memory foam also tends to resist sagging, as it’s comprised of several layers. And along with latex, it’s naturally antimicrobial: it helps to keep your bed free from bacteria.

The Zinus 6-inch is quite thin for a mattress at six inches. The Zinus Gel-Infused, Chime Express, and Classic Brands mattresses here are all well over that when it comes to mattress depth. Considering that we are in “extra firm” territory, though, the thinness of the foam is arguably an advantage: it adds to the firmness.

One highly unique aspect of this unit is that the memory foam has been infused with green tea extract and natural castor seed oil. The gel-infused Zinus below also boasts this unusual advantage. Zinus claims that the infusion helps to keep odors and bacteria at bay.

When it comes to price, this mattress is on the lower end of the range. It costs around the same amount as the LINENSPA and AC Pacific units here. The cover fabric is a comfortable, washable cotton blended polyester. You can pick from a range of sizes, from narrow twin to King. If you’re happy to wait a few days for the unusual odor to dissipate, you’ll most likely be highly satisfied with this extra firm mattress.

Pros Cons
 Infused with castor seed oil and green tea extract to help keep bugs and odors away

 Firm yet cushy

It comes in a range of sizes


 Hypoallergenic plus resistance to mold and bacteria

 Washable cover

 Needs a few hours to breath after out of the packaging

LINENSPA 6-Inch Inner Spring Mattress

This mattress is the only innerspring mattress on this list. It’s an excellent mattress.

Innerspring or “coil” mattresses are crafted from steel coils sandwiched between layers of foam. These mattresses’ feel can vary widely: it depends on the type of coil and how many there are. Typically, though, there’s not much feeling of “sinking in” to a coil mattress.

This particular mattress is pretty firm. The fact that (like most of the mattresses here) it’s only six inches deep adds to the highly supportive feel. The cover is made from hardy polyester and features a classic quilted design. It’s available in a full range of sizes, from twin to California king.

This mattress is one of the least expensive here: it costs around the same amount as the Zinus unit above. If you like a traditional look and feel to your mattress and are happy to make the extra purchase of a mattress topper, you’ll find this unit an excellent deal.

Pros Cons
 Traditional inner springs and a quilted cover

 Not overly “cushy.”

It comes in a range of sizes


An additional mattress topper would be recommended

 No return in original packaging

Classic Brands 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This wonderful mattress is the only unit on this list to come with a foundation.

The foundation is unusual: it’s only four inches high. It’s designed for those who might have trouble getting onto a higher bed. It’s ideal for toddlers – they can climb on and off easily, and the distance to the ground is minimal in the event of a fall. The other advantage of using such a low base is that it’s virtually noiseless and easier to move around. The foundation is handcrafted from solid spruce and is straightforward to set up.

Now on to the mattress itself. The only twelve-inch mattress in this article is the second thickest after the other Classic Brands unit here. It still manages to be wonderfully firm. It’s incredibly comfortable all around; the memory foam layers support yet cushion, while the gel helps to regulate your body’s temperature.

It’s one of three gel-infused mattresses on this list. The gel is a relatively recent addition to the mattress marketplace. It’s “squishy” rather than “cushy,” and it changes shape quite fast, so it’s ideal for restless sleepers. It also improves air circulation, so it’s comfortable for those who tend to overheat while they sleep.

Memory foam is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites. The cover is in two different sections; there’s a light four-way stretch top and attractive, knit-fabric charcoal sides.

Because it comes with a base, this bed is more expensive than almost all the other items on this list. It’s only cheaper than the other, thicker Classic Brands mattress here. However, it’s wonderfully comfy and top quality. And if you like a low base, you’ll find that a convenient addition.

Pros Cons
It comes with a low, handcrafted spruce base

The second thickest mattress here at 12 inches

It comes in a range of sizes

 Memory foam is gel-infused

 Firm and cool

 Hypoallergenic plus resistance to mold and bacteria

 The second most expensive item on our list

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress

This mattress is similar to the Zinus at the top of this list. However, there are a couple of differences.

There’s the same green tea extract and natural castor seed oil infusion for keeping bugs and odors at bay. Once again, you’ll have to leave this item to stand for a while after it’s been removed from the packaging so that the infusion smell can dissipate. It comes with that handy, washable cover in an attractive jacquard pattern (none of the other brands here boast a removable cover).

This mattress is way thicker than the Zinus above, though; it’s 10 inches thick. It doesn’t detract from the firmness: it’s still wonderfully supportive. And it’s gel-infused. It means that it’s less cushy, and it’s also better for staying cool during the night.

This unit is pricier than the Zinus above, thanks to the thicker mattress. Compared to the other prices on this list, it’s average. You can pick from four sizes, which is still more than the size options on the AC Pacific. If you’re a sucker for a thick mattress but still want a firm, cool bed that isn’t too cushy, you’ll love the Zinus gel-infused unit.

Pros Cons
 Infused with castor seed oil and green tea extract to help keep bugs and odors away

 Thick at 10 inches

 Memory foam is gel-infused

 Firm and cool

 Hypoallergenic plus resistance to mold and bacteria

 Washable cover

 Smaller range of sizes than other mattresses on our list

Signature Design by Ashley Chime

This mattress is simple yet deliciously comfortable.

It’s that ultra-sanitary, hypoallergenic memory foam, but there’s no gel infusion, so it’s warm and cushy. As many of the units here, it’s only six inches thick, which adds to the wonderfully firm support. There are five sizes to pick from: they range from twin to California king.

This unit does have a removable, supposedly washable cover. We strongly recommend that you don’t attempt to pull off the cover and drop it in the wash. It is because the lining contains fiberglass. It may sound like an odd material to use in a mattress cover. Still, the reasoning behind it is practical: fiberglass is flame retardant, so the cover helps to improve the bed’s overall safety. However, you should simply spot clean it as you would with a couch: removing it could result in everything nearby – including you – becoming covered in painful, tiny fiberglass shards.

This unit is also relatively expensive compared to the Zinus and LINENSPA units above. However, it still costs noticeably less than the Classic Brands items here. As long as you remember not to remove the cover, it’s a simple, safe, and comfortable mattress that’s reliable quality.

Pros Cons
 Hypoallergenic plus resistance to mold and bacteria

 Firm yet cushy

It comes in a range of sizes

 Fiberglass cover is flame resistant

 “Removable” fiberglass cover is unsafe to remove and wash

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Mattress

This mattress is luxuriously thick yet still incredibly firm.

It’s 14 inches deep – the thickest mattress here. Heavier users will love the extra support. The memory foam is of high quality. It’s also gel-infused, so it helps to regulate your body temperature while you sleep and keeps its shape nicely.

Like the other Classic Brands item on this list, the cover is made from two different materials. There’s a pale stretch knit top with waterfall edges and decorative detailing and darker, more durable knit sides. It’s available in a wide range of sizes, from twin to California king. It comes with a bonus: a couple of free memory foam pillows.

An awesome feature of this product is that it is designed to be usable with an adjustable foundation. If you have a foundation with a base that’s shaped, or you’d like to experiment with one, this mattress is a good pick for you.

Pros Cons
 Good quality

The thickest mattress here at 14 inches

It comes with two free memory foam pillows

It can be used with an adjustable foundation

 Hypoallergenic plus resistance to mold and bacteria

It comes in a range of sizes

 Memory foam is gel-infused

 Firm and cool


AC Pacific 6-Inch Mattress

This mattress is highly affordable but still reliable quality.

It’s made from 6 inches of high-density memory foam. The foam is warm and conforms comfortably to your body when you’re resting on it, while the shallow depth of the mattress helps to ensure that it remains supportive. The cover is a practical, durable navy blue: you can’t remove it, but it’s excellent at blocking moisture, and the dark color helps to hide stains. It’s the only mattress cover here to boast a convenient color.

This unit comes in three sizes: twin, twin XL and full. It has the smallest size range in this article. However, the price is truly reasonable; it’s in the same price range as the Zinus 6 Inch and LINENSPA items at the top of this list. It’s excellent value for money.

Pros Cons

 Cover blocks moisture and is a practical dark color

Firm and comfortable

 Hypoallergenic plus resistance to mold and bacteria

 Only three sizes available

Reasons to invest in an Extra Firm Mattress?

Extra firm mattresses were never all that trendy in the world of beds. It has only been in recent years due to the rapid increase in bedding technology. One just needs to delve back in time to the age of water beds. There you would see the full range of bedding trends. Most strange was that some people enjoyed the chance of motion sickness while trying to fall asleep? But I digress.

Here on ‘The Doctors’, they attempt to find the top extremely firm mattresses for your needs:

The focus shifted from the sensation of feeling to the science of sleep. Consumers demanded answers as to how to achieve a consistent good night’s sleep. Science also started to link chronic medical issues to how a person slept on a mattress top. So years of research and trial and error push the mattress technology forward. It leads to less focus on contemporary bedroom ideas and more on curing that nagging back pain.

There were times when a mattress sat on box springs. The mattress itself contained an innerspring coil. For lovers of the firm mattress, the choice was between comfort and the support you were looking for in a bed. However, these times are long gone. Mattress technology has flourished to offer the consumer a wide variety of makes and types. Mattresses are often now classified as a hybrid, latex, memory foam, or innerspring.

Advantages of Going an Extremely Firm Mattress

  1. No Sagging – Your body will be kept in the correct weight distribution while it rests. It means that there will not be additional pressure on any particular muscles or joints. In other words, you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night with pins and needles.
  2. king and queen extra firm mattressesCorrect Spinal Position – In the world of sleep ergonomics, science has shown that a reduced amount of padding will lead to having the proper spine position when sleeping. It is mainly because the weight of your body is distributed evenly across your bones. That, in turn, places much less stress on the spine.
  3. Better Breathing – A good mattress can stop your lower back from flopping into dangerous positions. That means your airways have much more room to breathe. It leads to more oxygen intake and increasing the potential for the brain to enter a night of deeper sleep.
  4. Helps Keeping in Position – Many sleepers nowadays enjoy using items to ensure that they keep in the correct sleeping position. Pillows, body pillows, and other similar objects fulfill this purpose and are much easier to position on a firmer mattress. It can mainly be the case with pregnant women who use pregnancy pillows for extra firm mattress covers when sleeping.
  5. Out of the Bedroom – Research shows that a good night’s sleep has a significant impact on your daily life. When your body slips into a deeper sleep, this simulates activity to mend soft tissue. Your body repairs muscle tissue and balances out insulin levels. And when you’re on a firm mattress, you dramatically increase your chances of this occurring. However, depending on your versatility and comfortability, you may want to consider one of the best 12-inch mattresses in a box if you weigh more than 250 pounds and want to feel more floating.

What Type of Firm Mattress to Choose?


These mattresses come in two different varieties, continuous coil or open coil. The main difference between the two is in the springs. Open coils have individual springs molded together by a single wire. At the same time, continuous coils are a particular length of wire whorled into the springs.

The main advantage of a coil mattress is the price. The technology is now a little dated, and the supply is higher, meaning there is more supply on the market. They are also somewhat lighter compared to the other types on the market.

However, the wear and tear are higher because the springs all function as one unit. It means if you roll over, you will probably wake up the person lying next to you as well.

Memory Foam

The latest market trends lean kindly on memory foam technology. Many of the mattresses on our countdown list have memory foam. This market breakthrough started in the pillow segment, where Tempur (a market leader in memory foam) took the industry by storm with their NASA-developed version of the memory foam for extremely deep sleep. The material uses your body heat to form the perfectly sculpted mold for your body to rest within.

The main advantage is that once your body forms this mold, it is far less resistant to movement. It reduces joint and bone pressure while improving blood circulation.

However, in summer, you may sometimes feel overheating—it is due to having so much of your body in contact with the surface of the mattress. Also, keep in mind that the cost of this technology is not cheap either.

Latex Foam

The composition of this type of mattress is synthetic latex. It is explicitly designed to mold to a shape pressed against it. It is slightly different from a natural latex which originates from the trunks of rubber-producing trees.

Latex has its advantage of not hosting the bed bugs because of the airflow through the material. It means that the materials respire and resist the pressures of overheating while being in bodily contact.

The firm mattress lovers will tend to lean towards this material. That’s because it’s a little firmer than its counterparts. However, you will find it is not a lightweight option. Furthermore, if you go cheap, you may see inconsistencies in the mattress surface appear over time.

Pocket Sprung

By far, the most well-known types of mattresses on the market. They are renowned for having the springs stitched into every area of the fabric pockets in the mattress. Some retailers offer the choice of multiple sides that contain different firmness all in one mattress.

The main advantage of pocket sprung bests are couples can sleep more soundly. As no matter what the shape or size of those in the bed, the springs are separate for each person. This springs can be adjusted, too, meaning you can customize the firmness to your needs. These springs allow for excellent airflow in the mattress, meaning overheating is not as much of an issue.

Those with allergies to specific materials, however, may want to avoid this type of stuff. Lamb’s wool is often used to fill these beds.

How Do You Care for Your New Mattress?

Tags and Receipt

It is highly recommended that you hang onto your proof of purchase for any time you need to claim warranty service. Also, keep the labels on the mattress. These are important when requesting warranty service as they contain essential service information.


Your best option for keeping your need to purchase clean is to buy a mattress top protector for extra firm mattresses. The best mattress protectors are relatively cheap and can keep off stains, liquids, and allergens.

Foundation & Frame Support

Be aware, the frame support and mattress foundation can affect your mattress warranty. Correct support will mean your mattress can last many more years. This is because the base and top will work together to distribute the weight evenly. Furthermore, the bottom can also be a safety concern. The foundation needs to be Fire Retardant Complaint in many states across the US.


Historically, manufacturers recommended mattress rotation every few months to extend the mattress lifetime. However, nowadays, mattress advancements mean this is not necessary.


One more important note, when you are moving, it’s best to carry the mattress in an upright position. Also, cover it in plastic and never bend or place it in an obscure spot. If storing the mattress for long periods, try to store it in a flat position.

We hope this exhaustive look at the best extra firm mattress reviews leads you to find something that you like. Please don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments section below; we would love to hear from you.

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