How to Wrap Columns With Christmas Lights?

Updated November 19th, 2023
blue christmas lights on columns

Christmas is that time of the year when we see homes lit up from top to bottom with hanging Christmas lights on trees, in windows, and wrapped on columns. Imagine how visually appealing the exterior of your home will appear when the columns are illuminated with light strings. This is what we’re going to help you achieve. Before we delve into the step-by-step process, there are certain materials you’ll need to achieve this.

Materials You Need

To wrap Christmas lights on columns or pillars like a pro, you’ll need the following:

  • String lights (we recommend measuring the diameter and height of your columns to know how many light strings you’ll need)
  • Extension cord (to connect the holiday lights to any of the electrical outlets in the house)
  • Outdoor adhesive clips/zip ties/cup hooks/packing tape (any one of them can be used to attach the light string to the columns)
  • A ladder (for very tall columns)
  • Measurement tape (for measuring your columns and the spots you want to install your hooks)
  • Drill (this is optional and will only be needed if you want to use hooks instead of zip ties)
  • Paint (this is optional – if you get wrapping lights that don’t match or complement the color of your columns)
  • Paint sprayer (if you’re getting paint)

How to Wrap Christmas Lights on Columns

For Normal-Length Light String

Open the package your string lights came in and take them out and unroll them to their full length.

For tall columns, get your ladder and ascend it to the top of the column. If your columns are not beyond 7 feet, you won’t need a ladder. Start from the top.

Wrap the lights (starting from where the little box is) around the column once and tie it into a knot. That box is the point of contact for the extension cords plugged into the electrical outlets. You can use a zip tie or hook to secure this knot at the top of the column. Now, gradually work your way down the column with the Christmas lights.

Wrap lights in either a flat or slanted pattern, but ensure there’s even spacing (this can be measured in inches) between each wrap of the light string on your columns.

Now you should have the most sparkling outdoor Christmas light display for bringing envy-worthy holiday spirit to your house entrance.

However, should your string lights be too long, read on:

For an Extremely Long Light String

If the light string is very long, wrap the lights around the column from the top, but wrap these lights multiple times instead of once. Then, create a loop after wrapping the lights 2-3 times and secure it with a zip tie or hook.

Continue wrapping the lights multiple times on a single area, but ensure the space between the first and second wrapping is consistent throughout the column. Like the first wrap, create a loop and secure it with a zip tie. Repeat this with subsequent wraps.

Repeat the above steps with the next column.

If your string lights have a very different color from that of your house and columns, this is where your paint comes in. For instance, if the light string is a green wire and the column is cream, get cream paint and a paint sprayer. Paint the hang lights till it blends with or matches the color of your columns. After you’re done with the hang lights, run the extension cord across your roof to one of the power outlets inside the home. Plug it in and switch on your lights.

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