Creative DIY Projects You Can Make With Wood and Metal

Updated January 19th, 2024

You don’t need to be an expert to make items out of wood and metal. DIY projects out of wood and metal can be creative but easy to make. Save money by making your coat hangers or chopping board, or if you are up to the challenge, a fire pit or rustic bookshelf can significantly change the look of your house.

Explore the unique qualities of wood and the versatility of the strongest metals.

Make a Wooden Chopping Board and Serving Tray

If you are bored with the standard chopping board, then bring more flavor to your kitchen with this wooden chopping board. You need a 4ft steel ruler, yardstick, or a thin board to scribe the arcs, then dry-fit the parts before bringing them together with glue.

You can also add an elegant touch by attaching the wooden board to a metal handle for your serving tray. If you are unsure of how to DIY this project, there are many videos for a tutorial for gluing metal to wood, and it is fairly easy to do with the right tools.

Keep Organized With This Shoe Storage Booster Stool

This handy stool will help you reach the top shelves in your closet while doubling as shoe storage, and the best part is that it takes only one hour to build. You will need some plywood (E.g., 4ftx4ft), a handful of 8d finish nails, and wood glue.

Cut up the plywood pieces depending on your design, then join the sides with wood glue, and then use the 8D nails through the sides into the shelves. If you can’t spare floor space for the storage closet, you can install wall-mounted storage instead.

Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor With This Shoe Organizer

With the rise of small apartments, it is wise to devise a smart solution to keep your shoes without cluttering the entryway. These wall-mounted shoe organizers look trendy and keep your floors free of dirt or scuff marks on the wall.

Build a Wooden Bench for Less

A simple bench in your backyard will be a great addition for your afternoon reading or having a weekend breakfast while admiring your garden.

Aldo Leopold’s classic bench design can be built in a few hours and is a great DIY project if you are a beginner in woodworking. This is a great way to furnish your yard on a budget.

Build This Portable Small Bench

Are you washing your fussy dog while bending over the bathtub that is wreaking havoc on your back? Or squatting while washing your bicycle on weekends? Put your knees and back to rest with this portable stool that can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used as a step stool or even a working surface.

Make Magazine Storage Containers

Your magazines and papers often collect in piles over time. One way to prevent your favorite collectibles from collecting dust is magazine storage containers.

Build a Spice Rack

Want to amp up your kitchen inventory? A DIY wooden spice rack is a creative addition to your kitchen, and you can customize it to carry up to 18 spices.

All you need is 11 ½” & 7 ¼” diameter wooden discs,  9” lazy Susan hardware, some dowels for handles and legs, and a wooden ball for the handle knob, and you are ready to go. This statement piece will surely impress your neighbors.

Slanted Pantry Storage Saver

This pantry storage saver makes for a trendy way to display all your spices instead of jamming them with only tops visible. You can make them two-tiered or more, depending on your drawer space.

Build a Rustic Tree Branch Shelf

Wall-mounted bookshelves aren’t new, and although they look great, you can take them up a step further by using a branch-supported shelf. Two forked branches to hold up the shelf will add a touch of nature to your room.

Make an Easy Knife Block

A knife box is a great way to add a modern look to your countertop and efficient storage for your knives and knife sharpener. You should preferably opt for good-quality hard plywood and finish off with polish to keep the shine.

Build Behind-the-Door Shelves

The space behind the door can be used as storage by building shallow shelves mounted on the wall. Then, place a rubber bumper on the frame to protect the door.

Create an Ironing Center

Making this sleek ironing center is a handy way to keep your ironing supplies within reach. All you need is some plywood for the shelves and hooks for hanging the iron board.

A Wine Bottle Holder

If you are a fan of wine, then this little project is a great way to hold your wine bottles. First off, weld 14 links of chains together into a circle and then weld the remaining 6 vertically at an angle for a statement piece.

Horseshoe Dutch Oven Holder

This interesting Dutch oven holder not only provides ventilation when cooking over an open flame but also frees your hands to work on other things.

Weld three old horseshoes together, attaching the rounded parts touching each other. Make sure to remove the nails and rust from the horseshoes.

Always wear safety glasses and practice caution when undertaking any welding projects.

Pencil Holder

Did you know there is a creative yet simple way to elevate the look of your ordinary pencil holder? Simply get some steel sheets, weld a steel tube cut into progressively smaller sections, and file the ends. Then place the tubes on another piece of steel sheet and weld together the pieces.

Cool and Compact Fire Pit

Add a fire pit to bring ambiance and warmth to your patio or backyard. You can also use that open fire to cook without damaging your patio or deck.

You can use steel or iron to weld a compact fire pit using an arc welder and some steel sheets.

Spoon Flower

Brighten your garden and yard by welding these simple yet beautiful spoon flowers. Practice your welding skills using TIG and MIG and save money on equipment. Use a hacksaw to cut off the handles of the spoon. Then, weld the spoon to make petals and then weld the stems.

Welded Steel Picture Frame

A welded steel picture frame can be a great gift for a family or a loved one. It also makes for a great welding project. First, cut the steel into the desired shape and grind the edges before welding the parts together.

Finish off with paint and let your creativity flow with other decorative additions.

Garden Trellis

A garden trellis helps support your plants and add beauty to your garden with hanging plants and flowers. This is a slightly tougher project and will test your welding abilities. First, sketch your design and cut the steel metal tubing accordingly.

Easy Doorbell from Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal to make something useful can be a great experience. The best thing is that you can weld any scrap of metal lying around your house to create a unique doorbell to match your style.

Once you assemble the materials, weld the steel to the end of a rod and then paint it to avoid rust.

Yard Cup Holders

Imagine relaxing on your patio with your favorite drink but struggling to keep your cup. A cup holder is a great solution to these problems. These cup holders also make a great gift for family and friends who love the outdoors.

You can use scrap metal to build these cup holders, like the doorbells. Take two horseshoes and weld them together. Then, align the center using a rebar and fix a steel rod at a right angle. Finally, weld everything together with a TIG welder.

Coat Hooks

Coat hacks require a few welds to make and can be designed as you like. This everyday item can be made quickly and will be greatly appreciated by guests that come over.

Tablet/Phone Stand

If you are an avid watcher of TV shows or need your phone for filming, then you know how important a phone stand is. Fortunately, making your phone stand is relatively easy and requires only a few angled bars and bolts. Then, paint the stand to your liking for a personalized touch.

Portable Beer Casing

This retro beer casing makes for a cool welding project. This portable beer casing can be made with a few metal sheets and a few hours to spare during your weekend. Add your personalized touch with the paint and accessories of your choice.

Cactus Desk Organizer

You can easily make this simple desk organizer with a few steel tube profiles and tack welds to hold the organizer.

If this desk organizer is too simple for you, practice some box corner welding. Then, paint over the desk organizer or use a steel finish for an elegant look. Either gift this to a friend or sell it at a higher price.

Welding A Heart Shape From Motorcycle Chain

This simple but cute accessory requires only some low-amperage TIG tack welds to connect the link chains to make a heart shape. This makes the perfect gift for your significant other or loved one.


Doing Your DIY projects, whether woodwork or welding metal, may seem daunting. However, start with beginner-friendly projects to gain confidence and build skills. Soon enough, you will realize the joy of creating things yourself and putting your fun, a little twist on classic designs.

But remember that you follow safety precautions and use suitable quality materials for the best results. Then, you can upgrade your skills as you gain experience.

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