Seven Great Ideas to Make Your Staircase Stand Out

Updated November 19th, 2020

Staircases can often be overlooked when it comes to the design, but they can really become the stand-out feature in your home. There are endless possibilities to consider when it comes to adding more elegance and personalized touch to your home using your staircase, whether you add highlights to the edges of the stairs, LED lights to make them light up at night, or interesting handrail options to give your house a unique look. Whether you need something simple to make your staircase stand out or want to give them a complete overhaul, here are some great ideas to consider to take your staircase from boring to one of the best features in your home.

Use a Runner

A staircase runner is a great alternative to carpet if you are looking for a cheaper way to get the staircase that you want, and there are plenty of stunning patterns to choose from. There are patterned runners available in a wide range of styles to suit everybody’s taste and preferences, whether you’d prefer something plain and simple or want to add a pop with a bold animal print or some colorful stripes. Prints and patterns are often a popular choice for staircases since they are high-traffic areas; an interesting pattern or print can help to mask the signs of wear and tear and help your staircase look new and fresh for longer.

Painted Stairs

If you don’t want to run the risk of having carpet on your stairs that will only be subject to wear and tear over time, stripping the stairs down to their original wood and painting over it can be a great alternative. Painted stairs can be very versatile since you can go for any color that you want or even get creative with a pattern. Some homeowners are getting creative using a combination of paint and a small tile of carpet on the top of the stairs for an interesting effect. You can even create the illusion of a runner on your stairs by painting them white and then going down the middle with an interesting color of your choice that blends in perfectly with the rest of your home’s decor, or stands out if you prefer. You could even make the staircase look really unique by creating an ombre or rainbow effect with different shades of paint on each step.

Add Wooden Panelling

Adding wooden paneling to the bottom half of your wall can be a great way to break up the wall alongside the staircase and add an interesting feature without it being too overwhelming. You can easily make a panel effect using plants of MDF that you attach to the wall with nails or you could even use a super glue product like No More Nails. Once you have added the paneling, paint over it with a contrasting color to the rest of the wall. White paneling looks gorgeous when offset against darker painted walls, or if you prefer crisp white walls, go for a darker shade like navy blue or dark grey to create a stark contrast between the two.

Add a Creative Handrail

The handrail on your staircase is one of the best ways to add some interest in either a subtle or a stand-out way depending on your design preferences. For example, a handrail made out of rope can be a great way to add a unique feature to your home or you could add LED lights to a standard wooden handrail to turn it into a more interesting feature. Rope handrails in particular are ideal for anybody who wants to create a coastal vibe in their home, or you could add a metal handrail for a more industrial effect.

Use a Glass Balustrade

Glass can really take your staircase from zero to hero and turns it into a sleek, elegant and modern feature in your home without a lot of effort. Adding a glass balustrade instead of a wall or a wooden section of the stairs can make your home look larger, making it an ideal choice for smaller homes where the staircase might be located in a main living area. A glass balustrade from a reputable company like Majestic Stairs will instantly give your staircase a modern and elegant look by adding openness and an unmistakable contemporary air. They are perfect for any type of straight staircase and go well with either carpeted or painted stairs. Head to Majestic Stairs where you can explore a huge range of staircase ideas incorporating glass and put together the staircase design of your dreams for your home.

Use Lighting

The right lighting can instantly turn any boring old staircase into one with much more interest. Lighting, when done right, can really give your staircase a modern look – and creating a pathway with lights at either side of your stairs can be a very practical option too. LED light strips are a simple and inexpensive way to add more interest to your stairs and you can either purchase them to add yourself or have them professionally fitted by an electrician.

Add a Newel Post

Updating your newel post can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of a staircase. This post is the final post on the staircase and you can find various different options whether you want something quite simple or a post that really adds a dramatic effect to your stairs. Antique newel posts can look awesome at the end of any staircase and they can be a great way to combine both modern and traditional touches to give your home a unique and interesting look. You can often find second-hand newel posts for sale online quite cheaply that you can refurbish and upcycle to create a look that’s exactly the way you want. A good carpenter can help you add the newel post to your existing handrail.

The staircase might not be the first feature that you consider when you think about decorating your home, but doing something different and interesting with it can certainly improve your overall living space.

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