What Style is Pottery Barn And How Can You Get It?

Updated November 29th, 2022

Some may say that the Pottery Barn Style is old-fashioned and outdated, but most love this form of décor, calling it traditional, old-style cottage and barnyard, or vintage inspired. We love the Pottery Barn style!

The soft, warm neutrals and the weather-washed natural look of a lot of the furniture – all lend to its authenticity. Modern still has its place, no doubt, but Pottery Barn style will stand the test of time. So, let us explore the world of Pottery Barn and get you all excited and revving to go put together a storyboard of vintage design.

Money Need Not Be An Issue

Supper-Pottery-Barn-Dining-Room-TableYou may think, ‘Oh man, I’m in for more than a penny here!’ But that need not be the case. Pottery Barn style can be put together on a shoestring budget. Here are some tips.

All You Need Is A Coat of Paint

The color of your paint needs to be correct to create that true Pottery Barn effect. Neutral is one way of showcasing the soft colors of your furniture and accessories. Or you can go with lovely mottled or suedes. Just be sure that your surrounding décor does not clash with your paint color choices.

Furniture Fury

Lean towards the light, beiges, or any neutral fabric for your couches and lounge suites. The idea is to not make these your focal points. The pillows and throws are where you will bring your color in, as well as ornaments, paintings, and other accessories.pottery-barn-living-room


custom stickers for wallStickers are a great option if you want to decorate a part of the wall in your bedroom or living room, such as by the crib and the TV backdrop. If you don’t think the stock wallpaper is unique enough, you can decorate your room with custom die-cut stickers. They can be designed according to your ideas with various themes, sizes, and patterns. You can design your own stickers for free, and there are many templates and symbols to choose from. Using them to decorate your room or your children’s room will make you happy. Come and try it.

Pillow Pillow on My Couch

Now, we know that most men don’t like loads of pillows on a couch. Where do I sit? They are always falling off! They are just a nuisance!

We know, we know! But … no! Pottery Barn style thrives on cushions and pillows, so … suck it up, guys! The more, the merrier! But we can make them work and not be too much of a nuisance.


The cushions can be square, rectangular, or any four-sided shape. Buttons are good. Buttons are old school and very Pottery Barn!

Stagger them in the corner of couches and line them nicely up to form a lovely pattern. Mix and match soft, warm colors together.

Look at this lounge area. Perfect Pottery Barn! Neutral walls, neutral lounge suite with splashes of mottled color here and there. It’s easy on the eye and makes you want to curl up and read a book right there! The feel-good energy of Pottery Barn is what has most coming back for more.

Accessorize Accessorize!

You don’t want to kill your look with too pottery-barn1many ornaments and art pieces, so let’s explore the options.

Whether it’s the lounge area, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen area, you can place certain pieces around the room that will enhance your room and give it that just lived-in feel. The live-in feel is what makes Pottery Barn.


springcleaning6Little wicker baskets – wooden artifacts – pot plants – strategically placed frames – keys are huge in Pottery Barn Style – old books – pots – jars – candles – apt sayings – little hanging ornaments – lamps.

All these bring in a touch of subtle color and a splash of authentic true Pottery Barn Style. What style is Pottery Barn? Well, it’s a mix of soft, muted shades blended in with old-style cottage décor.

VIP Realty says, All these bring in a touch of subtle colour and a splash of authentic true Pottery Barn Style.

It is a natural style with some rules but with allowances for your imagination to run wild too.

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