Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

Updated November 19th, 2023

Organizing and decorating the house became the activity of many people at that time. And cheap and beautiful alternatives are the most sought-after. After all, a beautiful house and money in your pocket are all good.

Among the economical options to redecorate your corner are beautiful wallpapers for your home to have that impeccable look.

It is not always necessary to make major renovations at home to make the decor look beautiful. And in that sense, wallpapers are great partners, as they give a completely renewed face to the environment.

The best? They are simple, inexpensive, and very easy to install.

Types of wallpapers

The main types of wallpaper found on the market are:

  • Traditional
  • Self-adhesive and wall sticker

Traditional wallpaper: Pioneers in the market, traditional wallpapers are basically made of cellulose – the main component of paper – and a varnish coating. Due to this fragile material, they have a shorter lifetime than the others.

Its texture is completely smooth, and its application must be made on flat surfaces that do not have cracks, reliefs, or holes, as it does not cover imperfections. In addition, its use is only indicated for dry environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and entrance halls.

Sticker Wallpaper:  The sticker, as the name says, is self-adhesive and therefore has a much simpler application and can be carried out even by those who have never applied it, provided that some care is taken, of course. The biggest difference between wall stickers to self-adhesive wallpaper is their size. Wall stickers wallpaper is available in different designs, such as butterfly wallpaper, floral wallpaper, and other beautiful wallpapers.

Choose the Best wallpapers for Every Environment

Wallpaper for the bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate and private environment, so its decoration should especially meet the owner’s tastes. When it comes to wallpaper, it is worth considering that this is a resting space, so flashy colors and prints – when used in excess – can stimulate agitation and end up disturbing moments of rest.

Prioritize light colors and preference satin or vinyl models – especially in children’s rooms and for people with allergies, as they accumulate less dust than the others.

Wallpaper for bathrooms and washrooms

As these environments receive moisture, in addition to frequent cleaning, bathrooms and washrooms should preferably be covered with vinyl wallpaper. That’s because its vinyl top layer ensures greater protection and waterproofness.

Because it is an environment with a more discreet decoration, it is worth investing in wallpapers with different prints and textures. But if you prefer a more sober aesthetic, bet on neutral colors and delicate prints.

Wallpaper for the living room

The living room is well known for being a space of convenience, where the family gathers and friends are received, so the environment must be welcoming and cozy.

Here, you can have more freedom when choosing the material for the paper, but to create this comfortable climate, the tip is to opt for wallpapers in light and neutral tones, which are easier to combine with other elements. If you want a print, you prefer floral wallpaper, striped, or classic models. Remember that curtains, rugs, cushions, and armchairs must harmonize with the type of paper chosen.

Kitchen wallpaper

As in the case of bathrooms, we also recommend vinyl kitchen wallpaper, as, in addition to being more resistant to moisture, they are also simple to clean and facilitate the removal of grease and other substances that can splash on the wall eventually.

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