5 Interesting and Easy Ways to Decorate a Rent to Own House

Updated November 10th, 2022

The reason that most people purchase rent to own homes can be due to experimenting with different homes or checking one house or neighborhood out. It can help you create a good credit history and is a feasible home purchase method.

A lease-to-own program can give you the benefit of not remunerating a down payment but definite monthly rent, which goes towards the mortgage of your house until you are given the option of purchasing the home for good or moving on to another one.

But the challenge is how to decorate such a house and invest in it if it’s still not yours and you don’t know if you’ll want it in the future. It can be tricky and confusing. But don’t fret; below are the rented house decorative tips you have been searching for. Keep reading!

Use String Lighting

With a rent-to-own house, you can face some challenges in addition to its benefits. One of them can be more control of the landlord over the property and their nagging on how you keep it maintained and in good condition. If you fail, you will be responsible for its maintenance, and your mortgage may not be paid on time. For this reason, you can’t make several big-scale transformations in the house to add or decrease lighting. Therefore, you have a better option of putting up string lights that don’t need fixtures. These lights are more decorative and look amazing on bedroom walls and the living room.
Another way you can decorate your room is by adding custom led neon signs.

Attach Wallpapers

Wallpapers are great alternatives to permanent paints, especially those that are removable. This way, you get to use them again and don’t damage the walls of the temporary house.  Choose colorful wallpapers to bring life into the temporary house to make it a home. Shapes also look good and bring an artistic touch to the walls or backsplashes. You can also use vinyl stickers and even washi tape to add color to your walls and change the décor anytime needed.

Get Some Gold

Gold color brings class to your house and adds to all the other colors. When you have gold, you won’t need to add any paint to bring it up; it looks great with white walls and accents. You can alter your bathroom and kitchen fixtures with gold or bronze ones; neither the landlord nor the next resident will mind. Visit Ikea and haul all gold and exquisite-looking furniture items for your living room. The place is filled with economical items you can spruce up easily at home. You can find exquisite items to create a dream home even if you tend to move out after.

Paint It

Even if you can’t paint whole walls and ruin some of the ‘art’ from the landlord done to the house, you can add little touches here and there to give it a homely touch. You can always paint your doors and walls a fresh coat of the same paint job to freshen them up. Other than that, you can paint your backsplash with intriguing creative paintwork. Add some simple color theme on all corners and accents of the house so that it isn’t too much. You can switch on your creative eye and draw on various surfaces like the backdrop of your bed, your cupboard, and similar ones.

Use Economical Décor

Décor items don’t always have to be pricey or very elaborate to put in your house and make it look good. Simple and light editions to your rooms can have diverse effects on the décor. Think small and pick items like dainty cute vases for your side tables, artworks without side frames, and mirrors. Make DIY items like garlands and strings with colored paper shapes. Install chalkboards for extra efficiency around the house and artistic touch. Create an accent wall with different frames with the same color theme of the artwork.

Adding bamboo baskets and chandeliers can be great yet simple touches to bring out its hominess. Plants are never out of fashion, and their addition brings a great feel to the house, making it better to breathe and walk in. Add different designs and colors of rugs that are easy to lay and pick up whenever you change houses.

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