Doing Indoor Renovation? Here’s Where you Should Put Your Money

Updated February 12th, 2021

There is something exciting when you start a home renovation.

It feels like a fresh start. If it’s the first one you’re doing, you finally have the chance to do your home the way you exactly intend to. And that’s invigorating.

But, while home renovations can be exciting, they can also be stressful and not to forget expensive. That means that you will have to plan for everything.

Every little detail matters and you will have to go about this process in a smart way if you’re on a tight budget, in order to get the best bang for your buck.

That’s why we sat down and got ourselves thinking — what are the right places in your home that you should invest most money into during a renovation. And guess what, there’s no one answer for all. It all depends on you, how you want your home to feel, and what your needs are.

That’s why we listed what we think are the best places that will both return your investment and have the biggest impact on your quality of life in your house. So, let’s get this started, shall we?

Your Bedroom Should Always Be on the List When You’re Renovating Your Home

You may not realize it, but the one place where you spend the most time in your home is your bedroom. Whether you’re sleeping, or you’re preparing to go to bed, you spend in that space give or take six to nine hours on a daily bases.

So it only makes sense if you put your bedroom at the top of your list when you’re planning a remodel.

Think about it, if you’re a side sleeper you’d want the best choice for side sleepers when it comes to your mattress.

Spend some time and think really hard about what you would like to change in your bedroom. Maybe it’s the mattress, or maybe it’s the whole bedframe, or you need more storage space for your clothes.

It all comes down to remodelling and improving your living space to what you truly need and not what you think you need. That’s why we advise you to really think about it before you start purchasing anything.

A Bathroom Is Always a Great Place to Invest Money Into as It Will Return Your Investment

If there’s one room that worth splurging on it’s the bathroom. If you think about it, it’s the only room in your home that’s constantly moist. That’s why you would want to make sure it’s made of the best materials on the market.

If we have to be honest, you should even hire an interior designer to design your bathroom for you. Most often, you’ll be working with smaller rooms where every inch counts, so you would want a professional to put their thought into how you can make your room perfect.

Creating a Cozy Living Room Space Is Great if You Want to Create a Great Family Room

If you want to create a space where you can gather with your kids every day and just spend a killer time into, then the experts at Renovation Dojo recommend investing your money into building a cozy family room.

Think of what you all love doing as in a family activity. Is movies your thing? Or maybe you like playing board games together.

Design and remodel for what you enjoy doing together. If you don’t like watching movies, you shouldn’t invest thousands into creating the perfect at-home cinema and vice versa. The truth is you already know what you like, so you just have to sit down and really think about it.

Don’t Forget About Your Kitchen, as It’s the Room That Tends to Add the Most Value to Your Home

Kitchens always repay their investment. That’s one trick everyone in the house flipping business knows — always make sure the kitchen is perfect.

When it comes to remodelling the kitchen, make sure you’re buying the best you can afford. It has to fit well in the living space, and you serve its purpose. In other words, don’t go with the most expensive, professional-grade oven just so it’s the most expensive. More often than not, the house doesn’t need it.

Invest in kitchen appliances that just make sense.

If You’re Living in an Older House, Don’t Forget to Inspect and Fix Things up if Needed

Finally, don’t forget about the things that you don’t necessarily notice on a daily basis. Your roof, for example, is one of the most important things in your house, so you’d want it to be in great condition.

Inspect it and fix anything if needed. The last thing you’d want is to spend thousands of dollars replacing a roof because of negligence.

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