Home Renovation Projects While Keeping Mindful of Air Quality

Updated March 17th, 2020

Renovating a home is always tough work, but it can be exciting and rewarding as well. When you’re thinking about doing a home-build, you will need to prepare ahead of time and be ready for a few surprises. You need to be prepared for the unexpected, but planning for a home renovation that includes focusing on your indoor air quality is even more difficult to accomplish.

Nevertheless, you can do it. Renovating is a great way to make changes that you have been wanting to make. It allows you to incorporate your own character into the property. A home renovation can also allow you to afford a house you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You have the chance not to just make your home aesthetically more appealing, but to make it a healthier and happier environment.

Getting Prepared

The first thing you need to do is make a plan. While a plan is always tenuous with home renovations, it is absolutely integral. Another thing that is pivotal is to establish a timeline for the renovations. If you make a schedule you will need to stick to it as best you can to get the job done. Outlining each individual job needs to get done on time in order to finish with the timeline. Include what you will do specifically and make sure you have a plan to get the necessary tools, workers, and insurance.

Inspecting the Property

Once you have created a plan, you should inspect the house thoroughly. It is important to know what might go wrong should you work on a particular area of the house. Knowing the damage that could occur and assessing degradation of the building will save you a lot of time in the long-run. Especially if you plan on making changes to house that include insulation, airflow, and other fundamental design issues, a plan is imperative.

You should take a measured survey of the property. It will give you a precise scale drawing of the layout and will make planning much easier. Structural issues usually have solutions. You should consider that certain structural problems like subsidence, for example, can affect your insurance options, which is another central issue to home renovation planning.


When planning a home renovation, it is completely necessary to take out the right insurance. You think you may know how the renovation will go, but things can always go wrong. Even if you take precautions, an accident could do a lot of damage to your home and injure whoever is working on it.

According to the site MoneyPug, which is often used to compare home insurance, you also need to be honest with your current insurance company. Being open about your renovations will not hurt you, it will help you in the end. If your insurer knows what you are getting into, they will be more upfront about what they cover and what they don’t. Do yourself a favor and look into the insurance that will cover what you are looking to change on your property.

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

It doesn’t matter what part of your house you are remodeling, there are many practices that can help minimize indoor air problems and other environmental issues. You should always correct the underlying causes of a problem, for example. You should look to see what has caused damage and do your best to eradicate the causes. If you are repairing damaged paint, you should see if the damage is coming from the inside or the outside and determine if it is coming from condensation, impact, or structural damage.

It is also wise to avoid disturbing asbestos. Use a professional to do anything regarding the substance, which can be quite toxic. Avoid exposure to mold and bacteria from degradation. Try your best to not create dust. Protecting occupants from pollutants is key, you should provide a source of ventilation to ensure anyone staying in the house is safe. Keeping the indoor quality of air high should be just another part of the planning.

If you are going to begin a home renovation, do your best to plan for anything and everything. Understanding what is damaged in the home, what you need to do to fix problems, keeping the air clean, and getting the right insurance will all help you immensely. Don’t take the easy way out. Plan ahead and you will be sitting in your renovated dream home in no time.

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