How to Install Desk Dividers

Updated November 19th, 2023
desk with four chairs and desk dividers

Installing desk dividers can prove to be a daunting task. As desk dividers usually come in various kinds, such as glass and wood, installation methods and requirements can vary. The foremost and crucial step in the installation is selecting the right desk divider, which could either be self-made or company-produced. Knowing what kind of desk divider you are working with is important because it makes the installation process much easier.

What You Need to Install Desk Dividers

There are various kinds of equipment used in this installation. They include clamps, tapes, panel fitters, screws, and nails. These tools are peculiar to multiple types of desk dividers. Therefore the one you use depends on your desk divider. Let’s discuss the various desk dividers and their installation processes.

Using Clamps

desk divider with clamps

This is the most common installation method. It is very efficient, does not take a lot of time, and does not require a lot of expertise. While installing, make sure to start with a clean surface.

Step 1: Take measurements of the table to determine how to place the divider panel.

Step 2: Take your clamps, open them, and place them over the edge of the desk.

Step 3: Place half(half of clamp bracket) of your clamp on both sides of the table and drill it in. Use non-slip pads to ensure the panel doesn’t slip off.

Step 4: Insert the panel into the bracket space and screw in the second half of the bracket.

Step 5: Before you tighten the clamp, ensure that your desk divider is flush with the edge of your desk.

Step 6: Gently and firmly tighten the champs on either side. When this is done, stand your desk divider screen upright. There is a variation of clamps that do not have two brackets. All you need to do with these is affix the table/lever clamp, insert the desk divider panel, and use the clamp screw to fit the panel in properly.

Using Panel Fitters

Panel fitters are mostly in-built into the desk divider panels. There is a reciprocal fitting for each part of the panel. The most common type is the three-part panel. These come with three panels of the same size or different sizes depending on the table. On one edge of the side panels and both edges of the center, the panels are dips or brackets for fitting into each other.

Step 1: Start by cleaning the surface/ desk to be worked on.

Step 2: Using the center panel and one side panel, fit them into each other from bottom to top, ensuring they’re even and a nice finish is derived.

Step 3: To the other side panel, follow the same procedure on the other side on the center panel.

Step 4: Finally, screw the base of the center panel into the table from underneath.

Watch this video to see the detailed steps of how to install your desk divider in under 2 minutes:

Installing Cover Down Desk Panels

These panels cover the tabletop and the whole surrounding of the workspace, top to bottom. It carves out an office on its own. Installing these kinds can be done in various ways.

Tires can be attached to the base to ensure flexibility and free movement. Tires also help prevent damage to the floor, carpet, or tiles.

They could be screwed or nailed into the surrounding walls or floor to achieve a more permanent structure.

Charging ports and electricity can also be installed onto the cover-down panels, so your makeshift office is supplied with electricity.

Installing Wooden Desk Panels

Ensure the surface is clean before you begin. For wooden panels, nails can be used for installation. The wooden board is placed in position, and pins are used to attach them to the table.

Installing DIY Cardboard Desk Dividers

This type does not require many technicalities and can be easily detachable since materials like tapes and glue for wooden surfaces can be used to install them. For a desk divider made with cardboard, you can use glue to attach its base to the table’s surface.

The method and kind of desk divider depend on the length of use and where it will be used. Select the type of desk divider best suited to your purpose and get creative!

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