What Makes 3D Rendered VR Real Estate Tours so Effective?

Updated May 26th, 2022

Real estate can be a tough business, and new technologies are constantly evolving that can be used to sell homes or push out more properties. VR is perhaps one of the most notable, but what makes VR tours so useful compared to normal marketing materials?


A 3D-rendered space allows a potential buyer to explore it on their own terms, getting a full close-up look at a property from the comfort of their own home. Not only does this allow them to find out more about the property at their own pace, but it can give them more chances to get attached or see desirable details.

This eye-level walk-through potential can be a huge boon to any retail company. Live showings are often one of the most annoying and expensive parts of retail, and customers aren’t likely to buy a home if they can’t make time to visit a showing. 3D VR tours rectify that problem in a relatively cheap and reliable way.


A 3D rendering company can do a lot more than you might think with a basic space. While they can obviously turn the property into a 360 VR real estate tour, there’s also the added benefit of the 3D-modelled space being very adaptable and customizable, meaning that even the smallest company can create some great marketing material.

This means that you can have multiple versions of the same space created, showing off different furniture configurations or paint colors without having to actually get pictures of them in real life. This added flexibility increases your chance of appealing to any given client, and more interest means more buyers.


Not only can retail rendering be good for directly appealing to customers at a personal level, but it can also allow a company to generate its own marketing materials with ease. Instead of having to pick out the perfect shot of a real home, you can simply render your own idealized version of a property that you have for sale.

This not only allows you to get more control over how your marketing images look but it can even be used as a stand-in for homes that you no longer have access to. Even outside of rendering homes, having a professional rendering company standing by can allow you to create all kinds of marketing images that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


The idealized and well-decorated renders of a real place can also be very useful as a general portfolio addition, giving you a lot more to work with in terms of images. Not only can you customize these to match the kind of properties that you sell, but they can be altered or redesigned as needed.

Images are everything, and a company portfolio always benefits from having the best possible reference images they can get. Through 3D rendering companies, you can cherry-pick the best real photographs, replacing the bad images with improved renders that still capture the spirit and feel of the home they represent.

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