3 Ways to Find Your Ideal Long-Term Condo Rental

Updated March 12th, 2023
Ways to Find Your Ideal Long-Term Condo Rental

If you are looking for a place that you can call your home and you intend to stay for a long while, then looking for a condo rental is an option that you can take. To help you find the right one for you, here are some steps that you can follow to find your ideal long-term condo rental:

1. Scout for condo rentals in online listings

Before going around and checking for condos in a location you fancy, it’s best to do some desktop research first so you can save a lot of time and obtain much-needed information that will allow you to screen the options you’ll see.

If you have a preferred condo, you can easily check out if there are available units for rent. For example, keying in “Avalon condo for rent” will lead you to a number of listing sites where you can see available units for rent in this Cebu City condominium project. If you don’t have a specific condo but at least know the general area where you want to reside, you can also search for that.

The good thing about doing desktop research first is that you can see information such as the floor area of the unit, the price, and pictures. You can email the Condo Manager and ask about comparable units to know the usual rental range. With this information, you can limit the units that you will do an in-person visit later.

2. Visit your desired options

After doing your desktop research and making initial communications with the unit owner, you are now ready to conduct site inspections so you can have a better view of what the condominiums and the units really look like in person.

Be thorough in assessing your prospected units. Also, spend time assessing the common areas of the condo, as well as the amenities. Also, try to obtain information on the policies and regulations of the building, such as whether visitors and pets are allowed and to what capacity, so that you can gauge whether the condo is fit for your particular needs.

It’s also ideal for measuring the unit’s dimensions, especially if you’re getting the unit in an unfurnished condition, in order for you to get the right furniture and home stuff.

Based on your inspections, you can now come up with a shortlist, identifying options you really want.

3. Negotiate with the unit owner

Now that you are aware of what your shortlisted options really look like, the next step is for you to get what you want for the best value.

Owners typically leave some room for negotiation with their terms, especially with the rental cost. If you are certain that you will stay in the condo for a longer period of time, you can leverage this, allowing you to win more preferential rates.

Aside from rental rates, you can also negotiate how the unit will be handed over to you, even requesting certain adjustments that can make the unit more suitable for your needs.

Shorter leases would make negotiating more challenging, but if you can commit to a longer contract, the unit owner is likely to incentivize that. It’s a matter of highlighting your commitment and building a good relationship with the unit owner.

Find the ideal condo rental for you with three easy steps

Getting the right condo unit for you can be a challenge, especially if you plan to stay for a long period of time in it. If you follow the three steps above, you will be more likely to find the right option for you in a more efficient manner. So start checking for condo rentals now so you can find your ideal home.

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