Specialized Mortgage Services Could Grow Corporate Firms

Updated January 2nd, 2023

Mortgage banks and mortgage originators may be pleased to know about an option that can help their mortgage companies grow. With the U.S. mortgage industry one of the largest in the world, it pays to stand out. Specialized mortgage solutions are a convenient way to service mortgages.

These specialized programs include services such as customized warehouse lines of credit, correspondent lending, note financing, and MSR financing.

Common Problems Corporate and Commercial Firms Face

A corporate or commercial firm faces many difficulties, from hitting regulation compliance to efficiency in pre-underwriting and reducing the time spent on title checks and verifications. It requires attention to detail and a level of thoroughness, which not every company has the time or experience to handle successfully.

That’s where specialized mortgage services come into play. Let’s dive into specialized mortgage services a little more to see why this could be an excellent option for corporate and commercial organizations.

Benefits of Specialized Mortgage Services

Many banks offer the experience and expertise necessary to handle the day-to-day tasks of loan servicing. From personal attention to flexible funding and faster credit decisions, specialized mortgage service providers take the load off of a mortgage company.

Mortgage Warehouse Lending

If your mortgage company needs to meet liquidity goals, you’ll need the careful, flexible funding the right mortgage lending team can provide. These offerings include reverse mortgages, second mortgages (both piggyback and standalone mortgages), plus NON-QM, jumbo prime, bond loans, and FHA, VA, or USDA loans.

With one-on-one training right on-site, plus tailored customer service and investor approval, you’ll appreciate the efficiency of mortgage warehouse lending through a trusted bank when you need to make sure you have the available cash you need.

Mortgage Servicing Rights Financing

Flexible capital needs are no problem with mortgage servicing rights (MSR) financing facilities. This arrangement takes over the typical tasks like collecting payments and sending them to the mortgage originator.

Look for avenues utilizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. These government-sponsored enterprises—The Federal National Mortgage Association, The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, and The Government National Mortgage Association, respectively—offer support and housing programs. This option works with your current MSR retention plan, offers a straightforward yet customizable financing structure, and has an interest-only draw period (which is then proceeded by term finance).

Correspondent Lending

Increase the efficiency of your business and the speed at which you work with a host of loans. The correspondent mortgage solutions team can aid residential mortgage originators in increasing their liquidity while working to increase the loan volume.

Loans offered may include jumbo loans, asset-qualified loans, debt service coverage ration, or DSCR, for investment properties, expanded non-agency loans, scratch-and-dent or first lien mortgage loans, interest-only loans, and bank statement documentation for the self-employed.

Note Finance

Agility pays off. For an uptick in capital, look to custom note financing facilities, also known as convertible promissory note financing. It can be a cost-effective way for an early-stage company to acquire the funding it needs in less time than other financing options. Note financing typically offers an interest rate between 4 and 8 percent.

Built to Help Corporate and Commercial Firms Succeed

From warehouse lines of credit, MSR financing, correspondent lending, and note financing, look for a bank that has the skills to help you make the most of your business. Growing your mortgage company and streamlining your business doesn’t need to be stressful. Turn to a trusted resource for specialized mortgage services.

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