Declutter Your Home to Prepare for an Effortless Move

Updated July 22nd, 2021

If you’re anticipating an upcoming move, you are likely dreading all the chaos and stress that is usually associated with moving homes. While there are several creative and intriguing ways to simplify the effort of moving, decluttering your home before the move is one of the most effective solutions.

To help you clear out all your extra odds and ends that are devouring space in your home, we have compiled this list of simple home decluttering tips. Once you have cleared your home of excess clutter, you will be able to focus on booking reliable movers, such as Roseville Movers or similar services near you.

Create A Strategy

Decluttering a home can be quite overwhelming, which is why creating a strategy is a great way to get direction. You could start organizing kitchen cabinets or sorting the contents of your wardrobes. Regardless of where you decide to start, you should move through your home from one room to the next instead of abandoning efforts halfway through and starting somewhere else.

Donate, Keep, Or Throw Away Crates

As you get started questioning your home’s contents, the organization will need to be your most vital skill. It is a great idea to have three crates or large boxes handy; one labeled for donation, another labeled to keep, and a last container or box for items that will be tossing in the trash. You will be reusing these three large crates or boxes in each room throughout your home.

Pack While Decluttering

When considering that your intention behind a home declutter is to simplify the effort to move and perhaps also take advantage of all the benefits that a minimalist lifestyle offers, packing as you journey through your home is a great idea. The crate or box of items you will be keeping can be packed into moving boxes each time they reach capacity. Be sure to start with areas of your home that are not often used, as packing up your kitchen or bedroom first may not be the best idea.

One Room Per Day

It may not be the most realistic approach to convince yourself that you can get it all done in one day. Even though there is no doubt you are after satisfying results, you should give yourself at least one day per room or area of your home. You can also break up the efforts, stretching tasks over more extended periods to suit your schedule. Giving yourself more time means you will be less stressed and rushed, giving yourself proper time to evaluate your household items and ultimately avoiding potentially throwing out or donating things you still need and use.

Maintain Optimal Organization

Your most useful skill when decluttering your home is organized, and without it, you may end up making an even bigger mess of clutter. Therefore, it is imperative to unpack and pack your items in an organized manner and clean as you go.

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