5 Commonly Overlooked Things To Consider When Relocating Abroad

Updated July 27th, 2022

Whether you’re considering moving to Portugal, Germany, or any other foreign country, there are several important factors to consider. Initially, you’ll need to think about the costs of moving, the cost of living in different countries, and the job market.

But most budding expatriates overlook some of the more minor details.

Instead of letting yourself arrive at a few hurdles after only focusing on the major factors, we’ve listed some of the lesser-known things you’ll need to think about before booking your flight.

Moving With Your Vehicle

You’ve probably already decided whether you want to move with your household content. However, your vehicle will need to be shipped with a different company in most cases.

There are pros and cons associated with relocating your car. So you’ll need to consider the costs and risks and look into car shipping insurance.

It’s wise to compare car shipping companies to find the best option and evaluate the costs of insurance. Next, you’ll need to prepare your car for shipping.

The Relevant Visa Requirements

Depending on where you decide to relocate to, you’ll need to consider the visa requirements if you will be working or studying abroad.

In most cases, it’s wise to rely on a registered migration agent to assist with these details. Even though you can research the requirements, things can get confusing.

Creating A Budget

Apart from the flight costs, you’ll have a lot more to budget for when relocating to a foreign country. You’ll need to create a detailed budget that includes flight costs, shipping costs, insurance costs, temporary accommodation needs, and every other relevant cost associated with relocating abroad.

A New Cost Of Living

It’s also essential to know what you’re in for when it comes to your new costs of living; things don’t cost the same everywhere in the world.

Research the costs of living to determine if you’ll be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle in your destination of choice. Consider the costs of housing, transport, food, internet, and entertainment. Then compare these costs to your income abroad.

Adjusting To Your New Home

Even though there’s no doubt that you’re excited to relocate and start a new chapter, you’ll still need to prepare yourself for the process of adjusting to your new environment.

To ease the adjustment process, create a home away from home, explore your new neighborhood, join communities to make friends, and consider volunteering. It’s also critical to know the signs of homesickness and depression to know how to handle your emotions if you battle with adjusting and settling in.

Relocating abroad is a massive life-changing decision. But those who choose to migrate overseas rarely regret their decision. The more you prepare for the move and transition, the easier it will be to settle down and kickstart the new chapter of your life.

Moreover, it’s also worthwhile to consider visiting your destination of choice before the move, as this is the best way to prepare yourself for the exciting journey that lays ahead.

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