Are Cheap Movers in Los Angeles a Good Idea?

Updated June 8th, 2023

Moving is always exciting but exhausting as well as costly. Choosing the best movers may change everything about moving. However, selecting the best possible negotiation might take a lot of work with many alternatives in Los Angeles. Cheap movers in Los Angeles may sound appealing: are they a good idea?

Well, whether you are moving to Los Angeles or from outside, here we will discuss what you should look for in cheap movers because there should be a little compromise in service while hiring a moving company.

Should You Hire Cheap Movers in Los Angeles?

Whether it is in Los Angeles or any other place, consider hiring movers, as they will make your job much easier. You will save money overall by not worrying about transportation and packing equipment. Not to mention, the stress of packing everything will be reduced, and it will also be more efficient.

Should you hire movers, even if they are super cheap? Well, yes, you can buy cheap movers as long as you know they are good. There are some things to consider before deciding on the moving company. If you do not select a good moving company, it will be counterproductive and can cost more in damages and other things. This is why you should always be diligent when hiring cheap movers in Los Angeles.

What to Look for When Hiring Cheap Movers in Los Angeles?

Now that you know that you should definitely hire movers in Los Angeles, here is what to look for in them. When you see that the rate for the company is very affordable, here are the steps you should take to ensure they are trustworthy as well.


The most important thing for a moving company is its reputation, which shows its reliability. So, the first step before selecting the company is to look at what people who have used it have to say about the company. Read all the reviews and ask people personally if they have used the company. See if they are reliable and have a good service or not.


If the moving company has a good reputation, you have to yourself verify that as well. So, contact the company and ask the movers about their experience and expertise in moving various objects. The company should have enough experience moving larger things like beds and dressers as well as fragile objects like glass that can break.

License and Insurance

However, more than just their words should be needed. Truly experienced movers have company licenses, and they should provide insurance for the safety of your luggage. Even basic movers that cost less should have a basic license from the Bureau of Household Goods and Services.

Hidden Cost?

Next, also ask them about any hidden costs and added costs that there could be. Sometimes movers have a very cheap initial rate that could add up at the end after lots of hidden costs that were not revealed. Be upfront and ask them if there is a chance of added cost at the end and what could cause it so you know the true price.

Physical Visit

Until now, you could do everything on your laptop or mobile, but that is not enough. To know if the business is legit or not, it is super important to visit the company yourself before hiring them. This will also allow you to see the trucks and equipment they use. The equipment should be of good quality so it does not cause any trouble later on in the moving process.

Final Decision

You should hire them after you know that they are trustworthy and that the cost is cheap for the service. Also, even if the company is not super experienced, as long as the people seem trustworthy and transparent, you can give them a chance.

Where Do You Find Cheap Movers in Los Angeles?

Now comes the problem of finding such cheap movers. You can find cheap movers Los Angeles without leaving the comfort of your house in two ways.

Asking Around

Asking your friends, family, or even acquaintances, is a great way to find cheap and trustworthy movers in Los Angeles. These people can also share their first-hand experience and help you get some discount as well.

Looking Online

This option is for people that do not know anyone that moved recently. Search for cheap movers in Los Angeles on the internet. You will get many company recommendations, so the next step is to select the one that passes all the abovementioned steps.

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