How to Guard Your Home From Intruders

Updated December 22nd, 2021

Most homeowners admit that security is something that worries them about their property. Of course, we all want to feel safe at home, but that can be hard to do in a world of so many unknowns.

Instead of panicking and locking yourself away from the world, these are the top ways you can protect your home from invaders so that you can relax and enjoy your house.

Use Floodlights, Cameras, and Smart Light Devices

Many items are known to deter burglars and intruders who would otherwise make their way into your home. Although none of these strengthen the exterior of your property, they do increase the chance that the criminal will be caught, so they’re a good idea to keep your property safe.

Floodlights give your home the chance to be surrounded by clear and bright light. Many burglars and would-be intruders see this as a threat since they could easily be spotted if they weren’t sneaky enough. You can strategically place these to shine brightest where the entrances of your home are.

Cameras must be functional, not just decoys, for them to scare away threats. People don’t want to be caught on camera and then eventually arrested for their crimes. Therefore, these are a vital piece of any home security system.

Smart light devices are something that you can do inside your home to increase security. By using an app for your smart lights while you’re away from home, you can turn on the lights at random points in the night and set times to ensure your home looks occupied every night.

Keep Greenery Trimmed Back Away from the House

Yards can take a lot of work and time to maintain, but it’s vital that you at least keep shrubbery and large bushes trimmed back neatly from your home as much as possible.

Not only do these block your view when you’re coming home and may hide someone from you: but if someone’s trying to break in, they won’t easily be seen by passers-by. Put in a little work every weekend, and it won’t feel as overwhelming: but you must do as much as possible to keep your home safe and entrances in clear view of the street.

Walk Your Home’s Exterior to Look at It From Their POV

When you’re finalizing your home’s safety features, circle your property and look at it from the point of view of an intruder. Which parts of your property appear most vulnerable? Which items catch your eye when you consider alternative ways to break in or destroy property? Then, try to fix whatever things you can, and if you can’t, try to address them as soon as possible.

Create a Neighborhood Watch in Your Community

Neighborhood watches are an awesome way to gain a tight-knit community and help ensure that your property is safe. In neighborhood watches, you can discuss if anything suspicious is happening in the neighborhood, and your neighbors will be more likely to keep an eye on your property instead of just their own. This is a useful tool regardless of whatever options you combine it with.

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