Why You Need A Tactical Gun Safe

Updated March 18th, 2020

You already have a good, solid gun safe. It has served you well, but that was 5 years ago and you have built up quite a collection now. The current safe just does not work anymore. It looks a mess with firearms lying on top of one another and the rifles always falling out each time you open the door. You are worried, at this rate, that you will either damage one the guns or the door will simply refuse to close anymore. Then where will you store them?

You have thought about buying a larger gun safe, have scanned the internet for the size that will accommodate your growing array of guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition, holsters and other gun accessories.   But, while they all have enough space, none of them seem to cater for the systematic order that you require. Yes, you are an orderly kind of guy and no one tell your wife! The one place, besides your sock drawer, that has some order, is your gun safe. Well, it did have order, until you overloaded the poor sucker.

What you need is a Tactical Gun Safe. A what gun safe, you ask?

A Tactical Gun Safe, the kind that has not only plenty space but a place for everything. Tactical Gun Safe’s are built and designed to protect your firearms from theft and fire but also to store this precious, pricey cargo in an orderly fashion. When you have spent a great deal of your hard earned cash on your collection of rifles, firearms, pistols and not to mention the ammunition, you want to make sure of a few things:

  1. They are protected from theft.
  2. They are safe from small inquisitive hands.
  3. They are protected from fire and water damage.
  4. They aren’t damaged whilst stored away and not in use.

Whether you need to get to that gun in a blitz second or you just like orderliness and neatness, a Tactical Gun Safe is for you.

What to look out for in a Tactical Gun Safe?

Barrel Rests/Saddles and/or Bases

If you own more than five rifles its best to stand them up, because then you will have easy access to them and you can store more. A barrel rest or saddle can come in the form of a little pliable piece of plastic or a solid molded plastic holder in which you can slot the barrel neck, no matter the size of the neck. Ensure the barrel rests are adjustable to accommodate longer and shorter rifles. In addition, some gun safes have a barrel base, which is where the base of your rifle will rest, which gives it that added protection from marking and it won’t slide around, causing damage.

Firearm Holsters

These are handy and normally are situated on the inside of the door of the gun safe. Most times these are pieces of leather with a Velcro seal so you can literally wrap your pistol in and seal to the inside door panel. Most safes will accommodate up to six or eight firearms this way. If you can, opt for the removable holster pockets, this will be a bonus.

Some firearm holsters are made from metal and are merely shaped in such manner that you can slot each firearm into a separate “cage” barrelhead facing downwards.

Zippered Bags or Pockets

These are, also, normally fixed to the inside of the gun safe door and are handy for your ammunition and gun attachments, like silencers and scopes. If possible, try getting the zippered bags that are detachable, so when you need to sort through the contents you can sit down comfortably with the bag in your lap or on a table.

Document Pocket

This is a good place to keep all your gun licenses documents or any other gun related document. It’s best to keep everything in one place for easy access as you never know when you may need them and besides, these pockets will ensure the papers are crumpled.

Individual Pockets or Sliders

These are nifty for larger bullets and your gun cleaning materials. Basically, these are little leather tubes that you can slip a bullet, tube of some sort, rifle cleaner or any other long, thin item into. Tactical Gun Safes generally accommodate a few sizes situated in the inner door of the safe.


Equipped with different sized shelving, you can slot in binoculars, boxes of ammunition, scopes, silencers and any other gun accessory.

Bins, Trays and Pistol Pegs

These are handy for storing ammunition as well as any type of gun accessory, which you want to get to quickly. You can normally neatly position these above the rifle area to maximize space. Again, make sure these are movable and adjustable.

Cylindrical Tactical Safe Bodies

Sometimes manufacturers bring out cylindrical safe bodies, which fit inside most safes. This works on the principal of a Lazy Susan, which can be swiveled around for easy access with just one touch.

The Rifles are all slotted into a circular spinning catchment area and have a base to secure and ensure they do not slip off. The pistols are in a similar device all pointing inwards for safety purposes. Here is a cool example to your right. Again, numerous pockets, trays, and shelves can be added to this innovative design.

Pull-Out Rifle Holder

Specialized tactical gun safes also have a pullout facility so that you can easily get to each rifle without disturbing the others, especially when you have quite a few. Have a look at this nifty pullout drawer built into this safe. (Right)

Additional Tactical Accessories for your Gun Safe

Even if you find the perfect Tactical Gun Safe, you may need more hanging space, shelving space, firearm space or even rifle space. If your gun safe is accommodating, you can buy separate tactile accessories, such as rifle saddles and bases, pistol pouches, pistol racks and Ammo vaults.

Take a look at these examples below.


So hopefully, you have a good idea now of why a Tactical Gun Safe is a very good plan.

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