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Updated October 3rd, 2020
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In today’s technologically crazy world, there are few elements in our lives that are unique and 100% original. We have to wonder if we, as a human race, have thought of every conceivable new invention possible. Have we given birth to the maximum amount of original and mind-blowing ideas?  The answer may be different depending on whom you ask. But there is one very vital piece of matter that is undoubtedly and beautifully 100% original and unique. And that is a human being!pencils

Now, I am not going to get all deep and sensitive with you about what a wonderfully perfect being we are and let no one tell you different. No, I just want to point out to you that there are parts of us that make us unique and these are the parts that form the integral crux of our topic right here. Your fingerprints, the retina and irises of your eyes, your DNA, your voice patterns, hand measurements and even facial patterns are all unique to you.

So when you hear about identity theft it generally is the theft of someone’s social security number or drivers license numbers that have been used to obtain credit, products, services and even creating a criminal record, simply by impersonating that individual. It makes sense then, to protect our identity by means of using our perfectly original selves, doesn’t it?

Before we tackle this, it’s important to mention that generally biometric gun safe’s on the local market are cheap and while you think that you are securing your goods for the $100 you spent, more than likely a child could get that sucker open with a paper clip. The best of the best biometric gun safes can go for anywhere from $750 to $5000 and sometimes those figures don’t even include the keypad or lock.

Our List of the Best Biometric Gun Safes

Best Portable Biometric Gun Safe – Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Biometric Smart Vault


Liberty has been around for many years and consistently give us good, solid products. The same can be said for this little guy, measuring 13 x 9 x 3 inches, this small gun safe will fit most small handguns and dependent on the size, sometimes 2 small handguns and some ammunition.

You simply program your fingerprint into the system and when you wish to open the safe, swipe your finger over the sensor. It comes standard with a steel cable so that you can lock it to something else, like a steel bar, railing or somewhere inside a cupboard, but we recommend this gun safe for its portability purpose mostly. It is battery operated or you can use the AC Adaptor to connect to the power. The suggestion here would be to use the AC Adaptor always with the batteries too, as it may just lock you out if the batteries run out.

Another suggestion is that this little safe is suitable to ensure your firearm is kept out of reach of inquisitive little hands and not a preventative for possible theft. If you want a quick retrieval gun safe, then the Liberty is your answer.   Just swipe and the door pops open.

Another nice add-on is that there is a little light inside, so if you need to reach for your gun in the dark, you will be able to see it quite clearly inside.

Lastly, this product is made in the USA so you can be assured of good after-sale service.

Best Tallest Biometric Gun Safe – Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe


Barska has been around for the last 10 years and has kept their footing amongst the giants of the gun safe world. Here they offer their large rifle safe measuring in at 57 x 13.75 x 13.75 Inches and weighing in at 114 lbs. With space for up to 4 rifles dependent on size, a firearm cage in the inside door and plenty shelving, you can store quite a large collection in this safe.

The racks and shelving are removable if you want to make more space as well. Should you wish to secure this safe to a sturdy foundation, they have equipped you with the mounting hardware to do so.

The Biometric Fingerprint Technology allows you to store and recognize up to 120 different users. This big guy works only off AA batteries (not included) and comes with keys for backup or battery failure. The locking system itself is a 5 point dead-bolt system ensuring difficult access without your fingerprint being recorded.

On the last note, the interior is lined with a soft material to ensure your previous collection stays scratch and dent free. Pricing is on the higher side at $497 but you are getting plenty safe for your money here.

Best Largest Biometric Gun Safe – BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

best-biometric-gun-safe_04If you would prefer a large safe that isn’t so tall and won’t accommodate rifles, then Barska has their 14 x 13 x 19.75-inch safe, which retails for $247.

The large Barska biometric safe (model AX11650) can store identities for up to 120 different users.  This smaller guy records up to 120 fingerprints as well and is made from the same strong material. It also offers a manual three point solid dead bolt locking system that can be quickly opened with one hand turn motion. This safe’s interior features two adjustable shelves and a protective floor mat.

For the purposes of this topic, we will explore how our uniqueness can protect our possessions. In particular, your guns. Before we go into what we consider being the best biometric gun safe, we are going to briefly explore what Biometrics is and how you can use this to protect your firearm or firearm collection.

What is Biometrics?

By using the uniquely human characteristics, such as finger prints, DNA, retina and iris recognition and voice, it is possible to identify that person.

What is Biometric Authentication?

As above, those and other characteristics can be inputted into a computer type system in order to allow or deny access to a building, a resort, and a computer or in our case, a safe.

What is the Best Biometric Gun Safe on the Market?

To answer this, one would have to ask a few questions of the individual wanting to purchase the gun safe.

  1. What size gun safe do you require?
  2. Is there a risk of small children gaining access to your gun safe?
  3. Do you want to keep the gun safe off limits to everyone or only a possible thief?
  4. Do you want a portable or fixed gun safe?
  5. Do you want a fingerprint or retina eye biometric gun safe?
  6. How much do you wish to spend on this gun safe?

So, you can see that there is no one best biometric gun safe for any one individual. Having said that, we are going to give you a few that we feel are on the top of our best biometric gun safe list that doesn’t kill your pocket in the process.

So, it’s nice to know that in this day and age of somewhat un-originality, we can still rely on our own unique selves to protect our goods. Happy Shopping!

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