Best Gun Safe Under $1,000

Updated December 29th, 2022
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Can you place a price on safety? Definitely not, especially when it comes to securing your guns and firearms. That’s why you need a gun safe or a secure storage space to safely store your guns and ammunition. The safe helps to keep away intruders from accessing your firearms. It also keeps your guns and ammunition safe in the event of an unforeseen emergency such as fire, floods, and other natural disasters.

A gun safe not only protects your guns and firearms but protects your family too. It ensures that your children do not cause accidents by accessing unguarded weapons. A good gun safe protects your guns from intruders and natural disasters while protecting your family from self-sustained gun accidents.

So how do you find the best gun safe under 1000 dollars? Keep in mind that when you invest in a gun safe, you are protecting what protects you too. It is not exactly easy to point out a specific model as the best gun safe under $1000 given that we all have our personal preferences and needs. For instance, there are those who need a safe for a single gun while others need one for multiple guns. The kind of features you’ll be looking for will vary too. To help you narrow down your choices, we have researched and compiled this review of gun safes based on the following categories:

All the gun safes reviewed below have a price tag below $1000.

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe [ Amazon Link ]A$$
GunVault Speed Vault SV500 Gun Safe [ Amazon Link ]A+$$
Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection Gun Safe [ Amazon Link ]A$$$
Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Gun Safe [ Amazon Link ]B$$
Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe [ Amazon Link ]B$$$
Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe [ Amazon Link ]B$$

Best One-Gun Safe Under $1000 – Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe

This solidly-built nifty gun safe is perfect for you if you are a one-gun kind of person. It is also ideal for anyone in the police force, detectives, or just any pistol or handgun owner who lives with his or her family. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a compact gun safe that can easily fit in smaller spaces such as inside your car.

The Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe gives you quick access to your gun. It has a gas strut that pushes the door open as soon as you key in your unlocking combination. This feature enables you to access your gun as soon as you reach out for it without much trouble. The gun safe is also designed for multiple users. It comes with a mechanical lock with up to 1081 user combinations to choose from. You can even use your creativity to exploit all the available options and make it hard for anyone else to open the safe.

Once you get this safe, you’ll no longer need to purchase another one in the near future unless you buy more guns. It has a sturdy 10 gauge steel body reinforced by heavy construction to ensure strength and durability. This is one of the strongest and heaviest one-gun safes on the market today.

Pros Cons
The safe has a wide range of combinations that you can exploit to enhance security

It has a small compact design and can easily be hidden anywhere in your house or car

You can also store your other valuables besides your gun inside the safe

It is easy to use

It comes in a solid rugged construction for strength and durability

It can only hold a single handgun and a few small items

Best Speed Gun Safe – GunVault Speed Vault SV500 Gun Safe

If you are the kind of guy or girl who wants to reach your pistol in a hurry, then this is the perfect gun safe for you. It is made by leading gun safe manufacturer, GunVault. The safe can easily be mounted anywhere inside your house, from the living room to the bedroom and even in your office. Place it anywhere you’d want to reach your gun easily in case of an emergency.

Compared to the Fort Knox Original gun safe discussed above, the GunVault Speed Vault SV500 comes with additional features and functionalities such as a digital keypad, a wide range of mounting options, sturdy 18-gauge steel construction, a 9V battery, a fast activation drop-down drawer, a backup override key, LED or audio low battery alert system, and a secure foam-lined interior. It even comes with a patented no-eyes keypad. This is one gun safe you can count on to keep your weapon secure while providing quick retrieval in times of emergency.

GunVault has also introduced a Biometric option for this gun safe. The Biometric version can hold up to 120 fingerprints. Both versions also feature an override backup key. It is quite easy and fast to use too. You can easily reach for your pistol as soon as the drawer drops down.

This nifty gun safe is small enough to conceal anywhere inside your home or office. It is a perfect choice for the quick shooter who wants access to his or her gun without wasting time.

Pros Cons
A sturdy 18-inch steel construction for strength and durability

Comes with a silent mode for quiet stealth operation

A wide range of passcode combinations

LED and audio low battery alert

Easily concealable

Comes with 2 backup keys

The battery lasts long

Multiple mounting options for quick access

Shorter warranty than similar models

Low battery beeping sound can be a nuisance

The Biometric version is slightly pricier than the combination lock option.

Best Multiple Gun Safe – Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection Gun Safe

The Fort Knox Original and the GunVault SV500 gun safes are reliable safes but they cannot handle the needs of a person who owns multiple long guns. If you are an avid collector of guns and firearms, Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe is your best option. It is ranked among the best gun safes on the market today. It is large and spacious enough to hold 22 long guns as well as your other valuable items. The fireproof safe can withstand high temperatures of up to 1550 degrees for a period of 45 minutes.

The overall design and construction of this huge gun safe make it almost impossible for thieves to break in. it sturdy construction includes pre-drilled anchor holes, drill resistant hard plates, and steel locking bolts.

The safe’s electronic lock comes with a digital keypad. All you need to open the safe is to enter your programmable combination on the door’s keypad. You can reprogram or change the combination whenever you want. You can even add a dehumidifier or any other electrical component into the safe via a ½ inch hole at the back of the safe. You even get a free rechargeable 200g dehumidifying silica gel box as a bonus when you purchase this gun safe.

This huge gun safe comes with a gear drive lock that outperforms models with the cam drive system. It has a solid structure, has a high fire rating, a chrome 3 to 8 digit user code, programmable keypad, and lots of other useful features. It’s truly worth the $839 price tag.

Pros Cons
It is made of heavy duty materials for strength and durability

Easy to open and shut

Plenty of room for long guns and other valuable items

Fireproof for up to 45 minutes

Drill-resistant hard plate to keep thieves away

It’s quite heavy and hard to move around but all the better to keep your guns and valuables safe

It may be too big for one-gun owners

Best Hidden Gun Safe – Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Gun Safe

The Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe is perfect for holding multiple long guns but what if you need to keep your gun safe well concealed from everyone’s view? This is where the Viking Security VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Gun Safe comes in. It is a hidden gun safe that comes with a flush front design to help you embed it on any wall. The Viking Security VS-52BLX has all the security features you need to not only hide your guns but make them easily retrievable during an emergency. It has a Biometric fingerprint scanner complete with an electronic keypad to make it impossible for anyone to pry it open. It also comes with a locking and unlocking code that you can use to create your personal 4 to 8 digit passcode.

Its Biometric feature accepts up to 32 fingerprints stored in its long-term memory. Your data is never lost even after you change the battery. The strong and sturdy safe comes with a deadbolt locking system that can be unlocked using your pin code or fingerprint scanner.

Design-wise, the hidden wall safe has a cool white exterior that blends perfectly into any white wall. It is made of strong materials and features fully modifiable walls. It serves as a gun safe but can also store your pistols, ammo, and valuables securely.

This ultra heavy duty hidden safe is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep his or her guns securely stored in a stylish but concealed safe.

Pros Cons
It is constructed with 20mm thick ultra heavy duty steel

Protects your guns and valuables from burglars

You can adjust warning beeps and other sounds

Some users claim that the Biometric function sometimes fails

Best Large Biometric Gun Safe – Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe

A gun safe is as good as its solid construction and its lock mechanism. The most reliable lock mechanism is the biometric system which uses the user’s fingerprint for authentication. Most modern gun safes such as the Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe and the GunVault Speed Vault SV500 have biometric lock systems but the Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle safe is one of the best large fingerprint operated gun safes on the market today. It is a fast opening safe available for three gun sizes – 4, 12, and 16. Each model has a strong steel body, fast access biometric scanners, and a host of other useful features. The Biometric scanner not only gives you immediate access to your weapons in just 5 to 10 seconds but can also store up to 120 fingerprints. This is a multi-storage gun safe that can be used by multiple users via its scanner. It has a 99% success rate for first-time scans.

The safe is designed to withstand prying attempts by burglars. It is made of 2mm thick steel which is actually thicker than regular 14 gauge steel.  It doesn’t eat up much space and can easily fit in a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe.

The large safe comes with mounting tips and hardware for easy attachment to walls and floors. It has to be mounted properly lest it falls when the doors open. Another great feature of this gun safe is its hidden key unlock. It has a hidden keyhole for the backup key underneath its nameplate. You can only access this keyhole by unscrewing one of the screws holding the Barska nameplate. It comes with strong removable storage shelves, has a silent mode, and is powered by 4 AA batteries that last up to 2 years.

This Biometric safe has lots of space for long rifles, handguns, and other valuable items you may have. Its fingerprint lock system allows up to 120 users. If you are locked out due to battery failure, you can easily access your guns via the backup key override. This is one gun safe that definitely gives value for money.

Pros Cons
Fast working and reliable Biometrics

Easy to install

The door closes smooth and tight without a rattle

Strong sturdy construction

Spacious for 4, 12, or 16 guns depending on the model you choose

It cannot hold customized or extended long rifles inside

Best Small Biometric Gun Safe – Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe

The Barska Extra Large Rifle safe is definitely one of the best biometric gun safe options but not for those who need a small biometric-operated gun safe. This is where the small Liberty 9G HDX-250 outshines the rest. This nifty biometric safe is made by Liberty, a company well known for solid gun safe designs. The Liberty HDX-250 is a small gun vault with a Biometric fingerprint lock system that allows up to 15 fingerprints. The small safe can hold up to two small handguns and still leave enough room for other bits and pieces such as ammo and your precious valuables.

Some of its key features include a quick and secure Biometric lock system that can open the safe with just one finger swipe, 15 fingerprint memory, heavy duty temper resistant steel construction, key backup in case of emergency, mounting holes for easy setup, and an AC adapter for charging the battery. It also comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This is one of the best small biometric gun safes you can get today. It works as advertised and has a strong durable heavy duty steel construction.

Pros Cons
A reliable Biometric lock system that only opens the door after confirmation

Quick access with just a single swipe of your finger

Can be used by up to 15 people

A lighted interior

A key backup in case the system fails

Strong heavy duty construction

Some users claim it doesn’t recognize wet fingerprints but you can always wipe your hand before opening the safe

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe Under 1000 Dollars

Getting a high-quality gun safe for less than $1000 may be difficult if you don’t have the right information. There are actually several factors that you may have to consider to ensure that the gun safe you buy suits your personal needs and budget. Here are some of the key things you should consider depending on the type and size of gun safe you are interested in.

Storage Capacity

The question you should ask yourself before you buy a gun safe is how many guns you own and how many more do you plan to buy? The number of guns you have or plan to have will determine the size of the safe to invest in. some gun safes can hold one or two guns while others have a capacity to store as many as 24 guns and still leave enough room for your other valuables. The number of guns you have will determine the size of safe to buy but keep in mind the larger the gun safe, the more it will cost.

The Safe’s Locking System

The lock is, without a doubt, the most important part of a gun safe. The type of lock the safe has will determine how easy or hard it will be for a burglar or intruder to access your weapons. Most gun safes come with three types of locks namely electronic locks, key locks, and combination locks. Recent models also incorporate Biometric locks that can be opened through fingerprint identification technology. Key locks are the least reliable because they can be picked easily by professional burglars and may sometimes present opening difficulties in times of emergency.

Fire Resistance

Accidents happen at the least expected time. It is therefore important to be prepared for any eventuality which is why you need to invest in a gun safe that has a high level of fire resistance. Ask if the gun safe you intend to buy is fire resistant or not before you complete the purchase. If not, look for another fire-resistant model. Check the maximum temperature the safe can withstand and for how long.

Construction Materials

A gun safe or any other safe is as good as the materials it is made of. It makes no sense to buy a safe with the best lock but weak construction. The lock may beat an intruder or burglar but if the safe’s door can be pried open with a simple tool then all that locking technology doesn’t serve any purpose. The best gun safes are made of heavy duty steel. Remember, safes made of heavy steel come at a higher price too.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Your purchase decision will also be guided by the following issues:

  • Do you own a handgun or an assortment of large rifles? If you are a handgun type of guy or girl then get a small safe but if you stock multiple rifles, then it makes sense to buy a large gun safe with sufficient room to hold your personal armory. If you intend to buy more guns in future, then plan ahead and buy a large safe at once rather than buy a new one when your gun collection grows.
  • What kind of gun safe brand do you have in mind? If you don’t have an idea about gun safe brands, then research online to find one that suits your needs and budget.
  • Take time to read reviews and testimonials from other customers who purchased the same gun safe model. Find out what they liked or didn’t like about the product.
  • Are you looking for a placed or hidden gun safe? A hidden gun safe can easily be concealed in the wall or under the floor. Find out how the safe can easily be concealed from everyone’s view if you are interested in a hidden gun safe.
  • What kind of locking system do you prefer? You have a wide choice of locks from manual key locks and combination locks to the latest Biometric locks. Keep in mind the lock should be capable of keeping your guns secure and be easy to open in case of emergency.
  • If you choose a Biometric safe, how many people will be using the safe? Biometric safes have a maximum number of allowed fingerprints so make sure the number accommodates all the safe’s users.
  • Lastly, check the price and find a safe that suits your budget. Get the best safe that you can afford. Remember that you’ll be using the safe to keep your protection weapons and other valuables secure.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best gun safe under 1000 dollars, keep in mind that the safe will not only protect your guns, rifles, ammo, and other valuables but will also keep your family safe from gun accidents. There are many accidents that happen simply because children had access to unguarded handguns or rifles. The gun safe ensures that such accidents don’t happen in your home. The safe also protects your guns from intruders and burglars. Get a unit that suits your needs, the number of guns you own, and your personal preferences.

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