How To Stop Porch Pirates From Stealing Your Packages

Updated May 26th, 2020

With more and more shopping being done online, there are far more packages being delivered than ever before. Which presents opportunities that are too good to pass up for thieves.

With so many packages being delivered all day, it is almost guaranteed that some will be sitting for a while when nobody is home. And a porch pirate can’t resist. Just about everybody at one time or another will experience a package being stolen.

That is unless you take extra measures to prevent it from happening in the first place. Luckily there have been advances in technology to make security cameras more effective. It doesn’t stop there, however. There are far more things you can do to prevent your package from disappearing.

In this article, I will go over several ways that you can protect your deliveries.

Set Up a Camera

 If you do nothing else, you should have a camera and an intercom set up. Not only to spot a potential thief, but also to see if your package has been delivered. With a motion-activated camera, it will come on anytime there is somebody at the door.

Even if you aren’t home you will be alerted to the delivery being done. Then you can either bring it in or ask somebody else to do it. With an intercom from this website, if you are home, you can give instructions to the delivery person if need be.

Request a Signature

 When buying online, there is almost always a way to request a signature for the delivery to be done. Though this can make things inconvenient if you aren’t home when it is delivered, you will not risk having the package gets stolen. They’ll either try to deliver again, or you may need to go to the office to pick it up in person.

Set Up a Package Receiving Service

 Just like an answering service for phone calls back in the day, you can pay a company to receive your packages for you.

If you live in a major or medium-sized city, there are usually offices and locations scattered around in which you can choose the closest location to your home or office. Instead of having the packages go to your house, they will bring it to the service location.

Use a Security Bag

 There are now products you can buy to secure your delivery like never before. Even with a camera, you may only be seeing the thief make off with your package while you sit powerless to stop it. Yes, it helps to have a picture of the person, but in the meantime your package is long gone.

Instead of only having the camera, have a bag that attaches to the door handle and is then secured by the delivery person. The bag is the type like a bank deposit bag that can’t be simply torn open and the cable attached to the door handle is difficult to cut. Generally, this is enough to stop somebody from sterling as they want to grab and go quickly.

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