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Updated May 17th, 2021
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You have taken the leap and bought the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect neighbors, and you are quite chuffed with yourself. Those long hours of grafting and burning the midnight oil have paid off. You are all grown up now! But you take a look at your little girl’s innocent face, quickly scan your eyes across the newly landscaped garden and imagine all kinds of nasty “Scream Movie” scenes playing out.

What are the Best Security Camera System Choices on the Market?

In no particular order, we have broken down the best of the best Security Camera System options based on the following factors:

  • Price
  • Technical Aspects
  • Number of Cameras
  • Hardware-Storage Required
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Night Vision

We have kept it simple, and should you require more in-depth technical information, we have given you a link to the Amazon page under each option. We feel that, for a basic setup, these are the best security camera systems on the market at present. Dependent on your cash flow and concerns over your security gaps, you can add on to these basic models or upgrade to the more zootier options.

Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog Video Security System

$550! The other models range between $300 and $1000, dependent on the extras and resolution you want

It is easy to set up and install; however, Amcrest are there to assist you should you need it

4 to 8 cameras. The basic 720P model comes with 4 cameras.

500GB Storage

Yes, Windows, IE/Chrome/Firefox, Mac, Safari, Phone (iOS and Android). With Free Amcrest View App

Black, sleek, and not intrusive to the eye

Has excellent night vision recording

Q-See QT534-4E4-5 4 Channel Full D1 Surveillance System

$499! The other models are available for up to $1000, dependent on the extras and resolution you want

This system is easy to set up and install with their Startup Wizard software

8 High-Resolution Weatherproof cameras

1TB already pre-installed on the hard drive

Yes, you can stream live video footage directly to any MAC, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can receive email alerts as well. It comes standard with their free App.

Black, small, and not intrusive to the eye

It has excellent night vision, and they have enhanced color cameras to purchase separately as well.

Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System

$524! There are other models available up to $1000, dependent on the extras and resolution you want

It is easy to set up and install if you have a few home tools

2 cameras with Digital Video Recorder

2GB SC Card

No, it only connects to the TV

Black, larger than most but not too intrusive

It has advanced night vision and 18 infrared LEDs that help you see up to 40ft away

Swann 8 Channel 960H Security System

$799! There are other models available from $259 up to $800, dependent on the extras and resolution you want

This system is easy to set up and install

8 Weatherproof 700TVL cameras

1TB Hard Drive

Yes, you can use any 3G or 4G capable Smartphone or tablet with their free Swannview Plus App.

Black, small, and not intrusive to the outside view

Powerful night vision up to 82ft away

Lorex LW1742 Wireless Recording Video Surveillance System

This system boasts a simplified installation process

2 Weather-resistant bullet cameras, expandable up to 4 cameras

4GB Micro SC Card

Yes, using their portable and rechargeable 7-inch monitor

Black, small, and not intrusive to the outside viewer

Nighttime viewing up to 65ft away in ambient nighttime conditions and up to 45ft away in total darkness

Is your house really safe?

Have you protected your precious family to your best ability? What about those long business trips that will take you away from home? While you pride yourself on finding and settling in a somewhat crime-free area, will you sleep at night, knowing that your house could be the first crime stat for that suburb?

Why take the chance? Why not buy into the best security camera system out there? It wouldn’t make sense to have invested all your blood, sweat, and tears into that awesome new house, only to have it violated by some greedy stranger. On top of that, is there really a price too high for the safety and well-being of your family? We don’t expect you to live in Fort Knox, but we are pretty sure we know the answers to all those soul-searching questions. So, take a load off and let us explain why you need to consider a security camera system.

What is a Security Camera System?

Think of a security camera system as your big brother that lives in your house, constantly watching over your possessions and loved ones, ready to alert you and the authorities, should there be a threat of some sort. Okay, we know that sounds somewhat weird. Who would want their big brother constantly living in their house, right? But, you know you, it would take a load off your mind knowing that someone who cares was there to always keep a watchful eye.

In this case, we are suggesting you be someone that cares. You are the big brother constantly watching over your house and family. And, how the heck do I do that, you ask, and still make a living? By means of the best security camera system, of course.

In a nutshell, the system encompasses surveillance cameras, video recording, and video monitoring linked to either an independent security company and/or direct to your mobile phone or device. In some cases, these systems can be set up with trigger sensors to warn you of particular outside threats. More about these in detail later on. You, literally, can have a bird’s eye view of your entire little love nest without actually being there.

The Top Reasons to Invest in the Best Security Camera System.

Crime is real. Crime is a problem. We know we don’t need to tell you this, or you wouldn’t be researching security camera systems. But, many of us don’t realize how bad it really is. Not to be the pooper at the party, the bringer of bad news, the spoiler in spoilsport, or the stick in stick-in-the-mud, but these facts will not only shock you but also hopefully make your decision to swipe that card a little easier.

More pertinent is that, nowadays, it appears that a burglar will not just break in, take your stuff and leave, but also cause malicious damage and, in many cases, harm to you and your family. Crime is bad, but violent crime is worse.

Lovely stats like the list below show us that, while violent crime has dropped dramatically since the early 1990s, one cannot sit back on your laurels and think, “that will never happen to me.” Crime may be at its lowest ever in the USA, with violent crime falling by 51% and property crime by 43%, but if you turn on the news any time of the day, you will see that crime is very rife and very present.

Based on FBI’s 2013 findings:

  • 1,163,146 violent crimes occurred across the USA
  • There were 367,9 violent crimes per 100,000 population
  • Robbery offenses made up 29,7 percent, rape for 6,9 percent, aggravated assaults for 62,3 percent, and murder 1,2 percent
  • There were an estimated 8,632,512 property crime offenses in the nation
  • The rate of property crime was estimated at 2,730.7 per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Of all property crimes in 2013, larceny-theft accounted for 69.6 percent, burglary for 22.3 percent, and motor vehicle theft for 8.1 percent
  • Property crimes in 2013 resulted in losses estimated at $16.6 billion
  • The Top 10 Most Violent Crime-ridden States in the USA are:most-dangerous-cities-map
    • Maryland
    • Florida
    • Louisiana
    • Delaware
    • South Carolina
    • New Mexico
    • Alaska
    • Nevada
    • Tennessee
    • Washington DC

Neighbourhood Scout has a list of Nifty Crime Rates per Neighbourhood. In plain language, the top 10 reasons to take our advice and purchase a security camera system for your home are:

  1. To protect your hard-earned possessions from theft, as well as fire
  2. To protect your precious family from harm and threat
  3. To reduce your Insurance premium
  4. To warn you about dangerous carbon monoxide gases
  5. To warn you and protect against fire and smoke inhalation
  6. For the 24-hour Medical Assistance available through a panic alert
  7. For peace of mind whilst you travel
  8. To increase the value of your house for possible resale
  9. To keep a watch over the cleaning staff, Au Pair or older kids whilst you are away
  10. To reduce monthly costs, some systems allow you to control other money glugging users in the house, like lighting, gas, geyser thermostats, and other appliances such as TVs, home music systems, and pool pumps.

What are the extras and add-ons available?


Most systems come with a minimum of 2 cameras, normally the bullet style, which can have another 2 cameras added on. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing camera, then some systems have dome-shaped cameras. You will want to consider whether you want your cameras outdoors, indoors, or both. Take note that some cameras are weather-resistant but not water-resistant. As for the position of the cameras, this all depends on the layout of your house and entrance doors. Dome-camera-pic

Your primary concern maybe what goes on inside your house. For example, what the Au Pair is up to during the day when you’re not there. Or you may feel that your child’s room is vulnerable to the possible outside entrance, and placing an additional camera near their window is a good idea. You may have teenagers who come home alone after school, and you want to keep a watchful eye on their comings and goings, as well as what they get up to in the house. Your house may be structured in such a way that your only concern is who is coming inside from the front and back doors. Whatever your priority is, there will be a surveillance system that will work for you and your family.


Some systems allow you to add on different sensors such as:

Motion Detectors
When you are out, should there be anyone moving inside and also in the close vicinity of your windows and doors, this sensor will pick them up.

Door and Window Sensors or Forced Entry Detection
Should any door or window with this sensor attached be broken into or messed with, you can be assured the system will notify you of this.

Glass Break Sensors
A broken window will alert the system of a possible break-in.

Smoke Sensors
Sometimes it may not be a raging fire that destroys your house or harms your family, but the smoke itself. This sensor is the man for the job.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors
Harmful and poisonous carbon monoxide is not only invisible, but you cannot taste or smell it. You could be, without knowing it, poisoning your entire family with your gas appliances like ovens, fridges, and space heaters. With this sensor, you can rest in peace (not literally, though).

Flood Sensors
Some areas in America have a dangerous flood line, and while you may be aware of this, it would be good to know you can rely on a system that will sense this before it becomes a real hazard.

Heat Sensors
Maybe you have a little workshop in the garage, and maybe you sometimes leave the machinery running. This sensor will pick up a certain temperature of heat that it considers dangerous.

Freeze Sensors
Sensor-picWhile freezing to death is not as risky as burning to death, the freeze sensor will pick up if the house is heading to a dangerously low temperature. Good to know if you live in an area in the US where the temperatures can drop to minus figures.

These, most of the time, are available at an additional cost, of course, but you may find that you have a particular concern related to one of these sensors, so they would be a good idea to consider. Are you feeling a little more relaxed now, secure in the knowledge that there is the best Security Camera System out there just waiting for you to come knocking? We hope our comprehensive and information list has aided you in your search for true peace of mind. Be safe and sure!

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