How to Give Your Home a Luxury Makeover

Updated June 16th, 2022
How to Give Your Home a Luxury Makeover

The most exciting part about moving into a new home is decorating. Finally, all your ideas will be brought into reality, and you can’t wait to show your new home to everyone. On the other end is giving your home a makeover. Unfortunately, it’s not always as exciting and can be stressful.

You might be clueless about where to start or concerned about the cost of making changes to your home. Not to worry, giving your home a luxury makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. You can add a few luxury touches here and there to inject some elegance and style into your space without spending your life savings to get it done.

The Minimalist Touch

The key to a luxurious home is using a minimalist approach. Decorating your home with many accessories or furniture ruins the elegant look you were hoping to achieve. Minimalist homes mean “less is more,” as the term implies.

Therefore, you must be intentional with how you decorate; it involves a lot of decluttering.

Surround yourself with items you need, use, and love, and do away with the unnecessary.

If there’s something you haven’t used in years, get rid of it. Everything in your home should serve an aesthetical or functional purpose.

Colour Matters

Colour is one of the most important aspects of your home. Without color, the world would be dark, grey, and dull. But, on the contrary, research shows bright and warm colors elevate our mood. Even if you prefer neutral tones, add a splash of color here and there to compliment the darker shades.

When decorating your home, color must be essential to the look you’re hoping to achieve. Go for neutral hues like grey, ivory, and taupe to complete a simple look, or go for colors like blue, white, black, and brown if you want a dark, earthy tone.

Remember, color is not only about the paint you choose, but the furniture and accessories you use for decoration. For example, opt for wooden furniture, oak front doors, green plants if you want an earthy tone and finish, or colorful accessories if you want a vibrant-looking home.


The simplest way to make your home look elegant is to accessorize. Think throws, blankets, pillows, wall art, and other comfy accessories. Experiment with textiles, colors, and different sizes to achieve the look you want.

In addition, natural and false plants are a great way to uplift any space instantly. Choosing interesting plant pots or vases can be a creative way to add texture and an excellent central point and is as essential as selecting the plant itself.

Add Some Textiles

A sofa, chair, curtains, and throw pillows that have the same fabric and texture will make your house fall flat. So instead, swap out bland throw pillows for various surfaces and sizes to easily add dimension. Even if you hate bright colors and love a minimalist look, just adding slightly different colors from the neutrals you already have will boost the overall feel of the space.

Final Thoughts

The luxury look doesn’t always have to be about expensive brands and over-the-top furniture. It can be as simple as decluttering, going for bright colors, and accessorizing. Of course, you have to create a good plan, match the right colors, and add different textiles to achieve the look that you want.

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