Five Signs That It’s Time to Call the Plumber

Updated March 25th, 2022

When a toilet begins to bubble or garbage disposal acts up, when exactly is it time to give up and call the plumber? That question is asked by more homeowners each year because most people think they can fix it themselves, they have a friend that dabbles in plumbing fix it, or it simply costs too much to hire a professional. In the long run, the experience should win out every time.

Below are five signs that it is time to find a plumbing services provider near you.

1. Flooding

In the case of flooding, it is time to call the plumber when water is coming from any fitting, toilet, sink, tub, sump pump, or water heater. Flooding of a home or business will result in more damage and cost the more it goes unattended. Dealing with construction and other disaster teams will make the situation that much worse and more expensive.

Also, make sure that if there is leaking of any sort that results in flooding, you cut power and water to the home or business until a professional can come and take a look.

2. When There Is No Water Pressure

If a homeowner’s water pressure is suddenly low, it is likely time to call the plumber to ensure nothing serious. Many plumbing services charge a nominal fee for inspection of a problem, so a property owner can quickly and easily find out if the low water pressure is due to:

  • Hard water
  • Old pipes and/or calcium buildup
  • Something more serious

The latter issue can be helped by using preventative measures in some cases, but in others, it must be diagnosed and repaired by a licensed plumber.

3. When Drains Don’t Drain

A sink slow to empty or a clogged toilet throws off many homeowners because they believe the issue is a simple fix. Drain cleaner and a plunger are typically the first steps, and then they don’t think about it again. However, these clogged drains can be a symptom of an issue that the property owner is only masking.

4. When There Is Condensation Where There Shouldn’t Be

In some cases, if a water heater is sweating, it can mean that a simple temperature change is needed. In other cases, if there is sweat or condensation, it could mean that water vapors are being held, a lack of ventilation, or a lack of insulation. Lastly, it could mean that the appliance needs replacing. In any of these cases, a plumber is the best person for the job.

5. When There Is No Water

Complete loss of water is a serious plumbing problem and needs a professional to diagnose and repair immediately. Oftentimes, the cut-off of water means a backup somewhere in the plumbing lines and could even go back to the city pipes, affecting more than just the individual homeowner. It could also be a sign that pipes are frozen and could burst, damaging precious and valuable property.

A professional plumber can quickly figure out where the issue stems from and get a team of plumbers to root out the issue before it gets any bigger. Something to remember is that plumbers work in all weather and on all types of things. Remember that it is never too early to give them a call. A service call is usually done quickly to procure a plumbing diagnosis and prevent an even more costly repair.

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