Is It Good To Drink Alkaline Water?

Updated July 20th, 2022
Is It Good To Drink Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has become popular nowadays because of the belief that it has several health benefits. Some believe that it slows down aging, while others claim it helps prevent chronic diseases like cancer. However, some of these claims have not been scientifically proven, and this review is here to answer the question, is it good to drink alkaline water?

What Is Alkaline Water?

The water we normally drink has a neutral pH of 7. However, the pH of alkaline water is relatively higher than regular water and ranges between 8 and 9.

There are other factors that determine the alkalinity of water. For instance, clean alkaline water from a good water pitcher contains several different alkaline minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, as discussed on BOS. Moreover, it has a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the property that gives water the ability to act as an antioxidant.

So how does alkalinity come about?

Natural alkaline water occurs when normal spring water travels over rocks and collects minerals that increase its alkalinity. However, there are other products known as alkaline ionizers you can use to alkalize water through electrolysis.

Is It Good To Drink Alkaline Water?

Drinking alkaline water should not be a health concern under normal circumstances. There is no evidence showing it causes any side effects, although it might have a bitter taste or alter the taste of your tea or coffee. However, people with kidney disease shouldn’t consume alkaline water. The high water pH might also make the skin dry or cause stomach upsets in some people.

Studies show that consuming alkaline water helps alkalize acidic bodies. This is helpful for those who consume acidic foods such as dairy, red meat, and processed foods. Furthermore, the Okinawa Centenarian project study shows that residents of Okinawa, Japan, tend to live for 100 years since they drink alkaline water with a pH of about 10.0.

The main issue with alkaline water is that there is not enough scientific evidence showing it is a treatment for any condition. All we have are inconclusive studies done by various institutions.

Claimed health benefits of alkaline water include:

Restoring pH Balance in the Body

The main advantage of alkaline water as claimed by advocates is that it reduces acid reflux, thus maintaining the proper acidic balance in the body. Acid reflux is the feeling of something burning in the lower chest caused by stomach acid flowing to the esophagus.

Alkaline water proves to be elective to this condition, resulting in an acid-buffering activity. Also, the water inactivates pepsin, an enzyme notorious for causing acid reflux.

Detoxifying the Body

It is further believed that alkaline water reduces the toxic overload in the body. It is common for harmful toxins in the body to accumulate, resulting in fatigue, bloating, low energy, inflammation, and food sensitivity. Drinking alkaline water helps remove these toxins, and acts as a protective guard against heavy metals such as mercury.

Reducing Aging Signs

More than 50% of our body consists of water. Therefore, water is a significant determinant of the body’s overall well-being. Health experts have proven that the lack of enough water content in any body system reduces its functionality.

Reports suggest that alkaline water contains antioxidants that hydrate your body organs more and filter out the free radicals in the body. This keeps the cells healthy and slows down the aging process.

Improves Bone Health

Alkaline water has the potential to improve the health of your bones. Additionally, alkaline water offers the best alternative to milk as a source of calcium for bone development.

Aids in Weight Loss

It is advisable to include alkaline water in your weight loss plan. Research shows that people who drank 2 liters of alkaline water daily significantly reduced their weight. Another study by the International Journal of Experimental Pathology, showed rats that consumed water with the highest pH levels lost the most weight.


Alkaline water has a higher pH than regular water and consists of multiple minerals. Many health professionals advise against believing the numerous market claims about alkaline water treating various diseases and conditions. While it is safe to drink alkaline water, more studies and research need to be done to prove its health benefits.

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