How to Revamp Your Home for Summer

Updated September 24th, 2021

As summertime rolls around, many people want to spruce up their homes. If this sounds just like you, here are some simple steps you can take to revamp your home in time for a (hopefully) hot summer.

1. Place Down Wood Flooring

When the weather heats up, your thick carpets are not ideal. Placing down some hardwood flooring is the perfect way to keep your home cooler during summer.

Of course, it would be almost impossible to completely change your flooring every year for the different seasons. This would be very expensive, difficult, and time-consuming! However, if you place down some hardwood flooring this summer, you’re kept nice and cool whilst the weather is warm. Then when wintertime comes, you can cover the flooring with a thick woolly rug.

Changing your flooring is a small investment for long-term usage. Whichever hardwood floor colors you choose, they are a great option for your home this summer.

2. Renovate Your Staircase

Sometimes having an old-fashioned staircase leaves your whole home feeling drab and outdated. Investing in a staircase renovation can immediately modernize your home in time for summer when your friends and family are coming to visit. There are endless materials and designs you can choose from. If you’re fed up with the standard straight staircase, why not go for a spiral staircase? If you are bored of your dark oak banister, switch it up to a gorgeous glass finish.

This may not be an easy option to go for when it comes to revamping your home for summer, but it’s definitely worth it!

3. Incorporate Glass into Your Decor

Glass is perfect for summer. It reflects natural light, making your home look bright and welcoming. Get yourself some glass accessories to spread throughout your home this summer. This might be a glass vase to arrange your flowers or some glass ornaments to display on your shelving. Accessories are an easy way to revamp your home décor without spending a fortune!

4. Repave Your Garden Patio

Summer is the time for BBQs with family and friends. Placing your old patio with fresh wooden panels can make your garden look beautiful in time for your gatherings. Once you’ve paved your new patio, you could get a brand-new garden set with a table and chairs so that you can all enjoy the sun with some delicious BBQ food.

5. Replace Your Bathtub

Your bathtub might sound small and insignificant compared to the rest of your house, but you likely use your bathtub every day, so it’s an important part of your home!

If your bathtub has been in your bathroom for years, it might be time to invest in a new one. Find a bathtub that you love and choose some shiny new taps to go with it. It will make a world of difference to not only your bathroom but your whole home, just in time for summer.

6. Replace Your Toilet

Clogging, running water, insufficient flushing, and surface cracks are all common toilet problems. Simple methods can be used to solve minor difficulties like the first three. Cracks in the toilet or the tank, on the other hand, are difficult to repair. Temporary remedies are only effective for a limited time and may possibly exacerbate the situation. In this scenario, replacing your old toilet with a new one is the preferable option. If your bathroom is far from the sewage line or has poor water pressure, consider upgrading to a water-efficient macerating toilet.

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