Portable Power: Necessity or Niche?

Updated April 20th, 2022

When someone mentions portable power to you, what do you think of? Do you think of a power bank to charge your phone? A rechargeable jump start for your car? Or do you think of a portable generator?

Portable generators have been used for many years by those who own RVs or who enjoy camping, but we are interested in your thoughts of if they are necessary.

Portable Power

Traditionally when camping, you would use power supplied by the campsite you were staying at. However, as rural camping is becoming more popular, so are portable power generators. Owning a portable power source means you are less restricted with where you can stay.

Most portable power sources have enough battery life for a decent camping trip and are rechargeable, if you do find one somewhere, you can charge it along the way. Portable power generators are lightweight and compact, making them the perfect companion in even small vehicles.

Having a portable power source with you can also be a great idea on a long road trip in case of a vehicle breakdown. If your car broke down in a rural area, a portable power generator is of huge benefit to help keep your cell phone charged to enable you to contact emergency services.

Home Use

A portable generator can also be of benefit to your home. You can use one to power garden lights, power tools, or electricals within a shed. Also, it is an excellent item to have at home in the event of a power failure.

Having a portable generator in your home means you will be guaranteed to have some form of power whenever you need it. If you are powering tools in the garden, you do not need to worry about extension cords that will run into the house.

You can also use a portable generator for more fun activities in your home. You could plan an outdoor movie night with friends or family and use the generator to power an electric grill. You can then power a laptop and projector to show the movie.

Work Use

You can power most things using a portable generator, so if you work on the road and want to have a constant source of power, a portable generator is an excellent option. You can ensure that your cell phone is never out of charge and use the portable generator to power a TV, tablet, or laptop between driving to keep you entertained.

Portable generators are also excellent for backup power in other workplaces too. They can be used on construction sites, in offices, and on mobile work sites such as food trucks. In case of issues with the power sources already in place, simply plug any electricals you need into the portable generator, and you can continue working.

If you are at all unsure whether or not a portable generator is for you, we recommend you research this further using a portable power stations guide. This will give you more information to help you to make your determination.

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