5 Must-Have Power Tools For Your DIY Projects

Updated May 27th, 2021

As the pandemic rages on, people are settling down in their homes and indulging in DIY projects to take their minds off from the chaos outside, which is why DIY home renovation projects are trending on number one throughout the world. Subsequently, it has also led to an increased demand for good-quality power tools, which you can find at your local hardware store like Mississauga Hardware, without which the completion of home renovation is impossible.

The typical DIY home renovation projects include landscaping, painting, carpeting, home décor, law maintenance, and general home maintenance. If you join the club with your DIY dreams, you need to have the essential power tool to help you with your projects. The following list includes five must-have power tools to help you with your DIY projects. Read on to learn more!


One of the most frequently used power tools in DIY projects is the drill. We recommend that you go for a cordless version of the drill, as it will allow you to move around with comfort and ease while you work on your projects. Ensure that the drill includes multiple speed settings and is ergonomic, portable, lightweight, and of good quality. You will need to use the drill in tight spaces as well. Therefore, make sure you get a perfect size.

Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw will allow you to cut through anything, including plywood and lumber. While you select a circular saw, it is recommended to include extra saw blades in your purchase because not each saw blade can cut through everything. Typically, the circular saw blades are perfect for cutting through rough surfaces, which is why the life of the blades might not be as long and durable. You can opt for ultra-finishing blades for precision cuts.

Impact Driver

This power tool is similar to a drill. However, it is well-suited for larger projects. The impact driver enables you to drive bigger-sized fasteners into materials with ease and comfort, specifically useful if you are dealing with wrist and muscle fatigue. Compared to an average drill, the impact driver is smaller in size, more compact, easy to maneuver, and lightweight, making it perfect for one-handed DIY projects.


The multi-tool is used to perform multiple functions. This oscillating DIY power tool needs to be in the arsenal of handy power tools. The variety of multi-tool attachments enable you to perform all kinds of tasks, including cutting and sanding. This multi-tool’s vast array of attachments allows you to perform all of your DIY home renovation projects with ease and comfort.


Having a sander under your belt of power tools is as essential as having a drill. A sander will help you with various tasks, such as the fundamental carpentry functions, constructing furniture, and refinishing. You will find a wide variety of options of sanders in the markets and online stores. We recommend that you go for an orbital sander (random), which is perfect for finishing work.

Also, by opting for a cordless random orbital sander, you won’t feel restricted by space and area while working on your projects.

Final Thoughts

It is the perfect way to deal with the pandemic stress when it comes to DIY projects, which has caused people to stay at home. Such safety measurements have prompted people to make their homes a more liveable, fun, and multi-functional space through renovating and reconstructing their inner spaces. That said, having the essential power tools is mandatory for the successful completion of all DIY projects.


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