How to get rid of bamboo – Forever? – Maybe …

Updated March 18th, 2020

So you’ve moved into your brand new house and you’re ready to tackle the garden. It looks like a weekend job till you realize you have bamboo plants growing wild in the far corner. You know they are a hardy plant and you may think that applying a herbicide or chopping them down will do the trick. Think again! These little buggers are tough cookies to get rid of. Tough being the operative word here! So, lets see how to get rid of bamboo.

We have a few methods lined up however, we suggest that you actually apply them all. Start with One and work your way to Three – and then start over again! Yes, this will be a Five Day Cricket Match – actually longer than that!

Method One – Chop Chop Chop

chop-bambooYou need to chop them down to the ground, literally, and pull out as much of the roots and rhizomes as you can. This method will require you to keep chopping them down regularly. You MUST keep an eye on these babies though. If you don’t the bamboo will start to grow again. We suggest checking the area weekly. A good tool would be a lopper or even a chainsaw.

This will be a good workout – no doubt! Just be safe whilst doing it.

The stems are the least of your worry actually. It’s the roots and rhizomes that are the stubborn parts. Putting your back into it will mean so much more to you after this little session.

Method Two – Herbicides, Plant Killers and Hot Water

Along with Method One you should be applying the strongest herbicide or plant killer you can get your grubby little hands on.

Just be careful to not use your bare hands as the herbicides can be powerful. Having said that it may not be powerful enough for that stubborn bamboo. Keep reapplying the potion till they don’t surface anymore.

Suggestion has been made to try boiling water directly onto the root and stems. How effective this is is questionable, but once you’re into week 5 of trying to stop them growing, you will try anything.

Method Three – Mow the Bastards Down


Grab your lawnmower or borrow a real powerful and low-to-the-ground mower to run these guys right down.

Keep mowing weekly even when you don’t see any growth. They are there. Promise!

Making Use of Bamboo

Make amends with the bamboo and use the stems for a nice lapa cover or fence. You can also use bamboo as your home decor. Just be sure to treat the bamboo before and ongoing or it can mold and get bugs!

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Bamboo_ShootYou may be looking at at least a two to three year period where you will be continuously digging, chopping and mowing down bamboo shoots. Yes, it’s a daunting task but the flip-side is that you could just leave the critters where they are and pretend you live on a tropical island … or not?

They are not the most pretty of all plants, but if you so choose, leave them there. The only worry is they grow like wildfire and spread. You may find they will spread right into your neighbor’s garden and that may not be a comfortable conversation to have.

Get rid of them!



Before they take over!

Da Da Dum! (drum roll)

No seriously, they are a foreign plant and shouldn’t be in your garden. Good luck!

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