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Updated November 3rd, 2021
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Does your home have a garden or a yard? If so, you probably know the struggles of keeping it tidy and nice. Don’t worry though – there are a lot of ways to make sure that your garden is maintained and your flowers watered. After all, the biggest brands are constantly working on making better garden maintenance tools.

Regardless of how fancy your garden is, you still need the very basic tools as you did on day one – a shovel and a water hose. Although shovels haven’t changed all that much, garden hoses have. You can now get an expandable garden hose which is both more compact and more efficient. If you aim to improve way your garden shed looks, this is where you should be looking. We’ve created a list of the best expandable garden hoses of 2018, which are up to the task of maintaining any yard or garden.

Our list will help you find the best expandable hose for your flowers, vegetables, fruits or trees. By choosing a proper hose, you make sure that you will easily water your plants and that they will be a fresh sight for sore eyes. We’ve reviewed and rated a number of garden hoses so that you don’t have to, and all you need to do is make your pick.

Our List of the Best Expandable Garden Hoses

1. Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose

As garden lovers ourselves, we simply fell in love with this expandable hose with brass fittings, as it had everything a gardener needs. We noticed that this is the best expandable water hose is so handy and simple to use, yet very efficient. On one side, it is lightweight and doesn’t require any strength to use it. On the other hand, from the moment our team tested it, we noticed that the materials were above our expectations, even if we are in this business for quite some time. The construction looks quite modern and functional, and it is as flexible as it looks like.

Another thing we couldn’t avoid about the Hospaip water hose are the tremendous consumer reports from throughout the world. Regardless of the water hardness or the water pressure, the Hospaip is simply durable. We guess this is because it has ¾ -inch brass connectors and a rubber washer. Together with the double latex pipe and the zinc alloy spray nozzle, all of these make up for a very nice combination.

As a long-term use expandable hose, the Hospaip can withstand temperature of 41F to 113F and pressure of 3-12 Bar, which is amazing enough. Yet, what cannot be missed is the valve for turning it off and on, as it is quite sturdy and prevents any leakages or drippings.

Pros Cons
Flexible design

 Great abilities for temperature and pressure

 Lightweight and highly portable

 Handy controlling knob for pressure

 Comes with a storage bag

 The 50ft max length might be too small for people with larger gardens or yards

2. Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set

The second best expandable hose on the market, according to our specialists is the Joeys Garden hose set, which asides from offering the best rated expandable hose, has some other cool features for your yard. Asides from being a heavy duty hose set, the most amazing thing about it is that it can satisfy anyone’s dreams. You can choose the length of it between 50ft, 75ft and 100ft, which is something yard owners need. Regardless of the length, each hose from Joeys Garden is made from premium fabric and materials, including the valve, the pipe the brass connectors, the spray and the nozzle. All of them are made with special attention to detail, which is why they have great performance.

We fell in love with this hose because it can withstand almost anything, and it can be used for anything too. It is so handy, you will notice that asides from watering the garden, it can be used for cleaning your car, washing your dog or whatever else you’d need it to do. It offers thousands of possibilities for anyone’s needs. Working with any water supply, this expandable flexible garden water hose will surely amaze you as it did us. Here are the highlights of it.

Pros Cons
Supremely durable and sturdy


 Heavy duty and multi-purpose garden hose

 Easy to maneuver

 Cannot withstand higher water pressure than 8 bars

3. GeniusWay expandable garden hose

This is the high quality expandable garden hose as seen on TV, no enhanced or filtered results, and we noticed this from the first time we turned it on. The GeniusWay expandable flexible garden hose kept us at the edge of our seats when we were testing its quality, as it is a highly underrated hose. Although the consumer reports state that the people were generally OK with it, we have to say, it exceeded all of our expectations. It goes beyond what it is marketed for, and this is exactly why we find it to be a very good deal. With a nice design with materials made from double natural latex, this is a very thick hose.

Convenience-wise, we noticed that unlike a lot of other garden hoses on the market, the GeniusWay 100ft one was one of the rare hoses that don’t tangle up. Nobody likes a mess, and neither do we. This si why we like the GeniusWay expandable garden hose.

Performance wise, the GeniusWay hose is one of the most resistant hoses that you can possibly get, and for good money too. It can resist water pressure of up to 14Bars, which is high above average. Still, we couldn’t help but notice the 8 function spray nozzle which is quite handy. Especially if you are watering delicate plants. Or for instance, if you are bathing your dog which doesn’t like water that much.

Pros Cons
Ultra brass fittings are highly durable

 8 functions of the nozzle

 Lightweight and easy to maneuver

 Very resistant to water pressure

 If not maintained properly, the quality of the hose suffers significantly

 External factors have an effect on the quality

4. MoonLa Expandable hose

As a hose invented in the late 2017 and the beginning of 2018, this hose rightfully kept its place in the bestselling lists throughout the whole year. Although at 50ft length, this is not a pocket hose. Still, a lot of reviews of its size are congratulating the handy bag for carrying it and storing it. The bag is made from good cloth, making sure that the quality of the hose is preserved for a lot of years to come.

Since MoonLa understand that looking for flexible hoses for gardening are hard to find, they made sure that their hose is of high quality, keeping their customer satisfaction at high levels. This is exactly why Home Depot or Walmart won’t do the trick for you if you are looking for quality. The test reviews can say a lot about the real quality of the hose, and luckily, such reviews go in favor of the MoonLa 50ft green expandable hose. This is a very strong hose and it can be also used for pressure washer as well, especially if you consider its resistance. It quickly expands about three times of its initial size – 17ft, and the green design is quite refreshing.

Pros Cons
Reliable manufacturer with years-long experience in gardening tools

 Easy storage with a compact bag

 The hose doesn’t get damaged easily and doesn’t tweak

 Durable brass connectors

 The maximum water pressure resistance is 6 bar

 Should be kept solely in dry and dark places

5. The Fit Life Expandable Hose

A garden hose shouldn’t be used solely for gardening, right? Although you are making the investment, you should know that the hose, whether collapsible or not is worth its value. Although last on our list, this is not the least worthy hose. The FitLife expandable hose has a long list of benefits that any homeowner will find quite handy. First of all, the Fit Life hose is said to be durable for around 1100 uses. This is basically a lot of years, and this is exactly how you know that a hose is reliable. If it can withstand so many uses, it means that the daily wear and tear doesn’t affect it. Also, after going through various reviews, we decided to try it out ourselves. We noticed a few very important points that make the value of this hose. By touch, it seems that the materials it is made of are of high quality, and dragging the hose around the yard, or even on asphalt, doesn’t affect it at all. It is quite hard to damage it to be honest.

Moreover, this high-performance hose weighs around 4,5 lbs, which is significantly low for a 100ft hose. We’ve seen some other 100ft hoses weighing a lot more than this, and still, with worse performance. Unlike those, the Fit Life hose has tremendous features. It prevents rust in the connectors or other parts, and doesn’t leak even after years of using it. In addition to this, the brass connectors are a story for themselves. They have great quality and don’t leak, corrode, break or even show signs of weakness, all between temperatures of -5C to 98C. With the control options, you won’t even need to go back to the faucet. You can simply turn the water off by pressing the button.

Pros Cons
Great performance and durability of all parts

 After turned off, it quickly restores its initial size

 Great longevity of around 1100 uses

 Doesn’t twist or tangle easily

 Very powerful, but doesn’t come in a lot of sizes

What is the best expandable hose – Buying guide

Expandable Garden Hose

There are several things that we suggest you take into consideration before finding the best expandable hose for your needs. After all, we all have different expectations of how our gardening activities should look like, and this includes the expectations of our gardening tools as well. Still, here are the most important aspects you should have into consideration before finding your garden hose.

Size and length

Before making the ultimate purchase, get to know your needs. Sometimes, this might mean that you’d need to measure your yard or garden, and how long your trip to the water outlet is. It can be really frustrating if there are areas out of range for your hose.            Determine which is the longest path that you’ll need to go across with the hose, and you’ll have the size of your preferred hose. However, don’t forget the garage or the part where your car is. It is very fun to wash your car with a powerful expandable hose. Remember that you can find hoses ranging from 50, 75, 100 or even 200ft.

Expandable Garden HoseSize is important because sometimes you might not have enough storage to place your hose in. Although expandable hoses by definition are compact and don’t need hose reels or anything, still, make sure that there is enough space in your garage or other safe place to keep the hose in. It would be a shame if you invest in a good hose to let it get damaged by improper maintenance.

Quality and materials

As you could notice from reading the reviews above, there are different materials which are used in hoses – they can include rubber, polymeric compounds, metal and etc. Regardless of that, make sure that the quality of the hose is up to safety standards as well. Especially because after some time, some types of materials can be harmful for you, your family, pets or even plants.

The best way to avoid such uncomfortable situations is to read reviews and check the websites of the manufacturers to see the official declaration of the item you have in mind. And read reviews! Always! People who tested hoses tell you their experience and you have all the information you need to make a smart purchase.


Expandable Garden Hose
By following the simple yet handy tips above, you ensure that your garden will look pleasant and green. More importantly, by getting the proper tools for the yard or the garden, you make sure that you and your family will have wonderful time making barbecue, bathing the dog, washing the car, without any issues or obstacles like low quality hoses.

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