What Can You Grow in a Vertical Garden?

Updated March 18th, 2020

What is a Vertical Garden first of all? Where space is an issue but you love the lush, freshness of growing produce or sweetly smelling flowers, vertical gardens are the way to go. A Vertical Garden is a method of utilizing wall space, inside and outside, to grow plants and flowers.

Another term used is a Living Wall or Green Wall. There are many factors to consider when setting up a Vertical Garden. French botanist, Patrick Blanc was the first to create a vertical garden 30 years ago.

Landscape-and-Outdoor-product-and-designThe main aspects are a sturdy frame, irrigation, lights (where required) and waterproofed as well as air-rated panels.

Your most commonly known self-sufficient Vertical Garden would be ivy. Ivy thrives on climbing and walls are perfect for this. But this is not where it ends. Oh No! One can grow all sorts of plants and flowers on a Living or Green Wall. So what ‘can’ you grow in a Vertical Garden?

Let’s start with flowers –


Gitanillas - GeraniumsThese pretty, almost cactus-like flowers, require very little soil and are evergreen.


begoniasIf color is what you are looking for then you must have Begonias on your wall. From apricot, white and pink, you are sure to be able to create a patterned vertical garden like no other.


P1110705Ferns are super easy to maintain and grow. They grow like wildfire and you will even have to trim them down so they don’t overtake the other plants in your vertical garden. There are many different sizes and shapes so try out a few.

Ivy Geranium

ivy_geraniumAs mentioned Ivy plants are always seen growing up walls, especially old buildings. But they are not just dark, green and Harry Potter’ish. The Ivy Geranium brings loads of color and are very maintenance-friendly.


1 IMG_1537A waxy, delicate flower available in pink or white. This gem is best grown on an inside or sheltered wall. So beautiful and oriental in nature.

Japanese Iris

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you love oriental, then go with the classic Iris. Patrick Blanc loved this option on his Vertical Gardens.   A Spring flower, which will light up any open wall space.


rsz_6951592812_28374f5f58_bOrchids are delicate flowers that require special attention. They love sunlight but not too bright. Watering should be consistent and a constant little whisper every day to make them bloom beautifully.

Vegetables on a Vertical Garden Wall


6b90b7388be58ef4511dab00cdf713d0The most obvious and the most effective. Given they love to climb you will need to keep a hand on these fast-growing veggies.


cucumberYes, surprisingly, they work well on a Vertical Garden wall. Due to their hanging growth, they thrive on this environment.

Lettuce, Spinach or any leafy veggie

9ff45107217521a0909c8e7082e6c964Think Ferns, these veggies are very similar and will grow in much the same way as a Fern. You can chop a few leaves off whenever you need to top up your salad for that summer barbeque.

What can you grow in a Vertical Garden? What can’t you grow in a Vertical Garden? With so many options there is no excuse in setting up that Vertical Garden today!

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